In 1967, Rudolph was asked by Vice-President Hubert Humphrey to become a part of a sports outreach program for underprivileged kids called “Operation Champ” (Women in History, 2008). Rudolph competed in the 200-meter dash and won a bronze medal in the 4 × 100-meter relays at the 1956 Summer Olympics at Melbourne, Australia. Career in Sports According to Rudolph, “I walked with braces until I was at least nine years old.My life wasn’t like the average person who grew up and decided to enter the world of sports” (as cited in “Wilma Rudolph Biography,” n. d. ). I believed my mother” (as cited in “Wilma Rudolph Biography,” n. d. ). "You must agree to out terms of services and privacy policy", Don't use plagiarized sources. In spite of a low birth weight and childhood bouts with scarlet fever and polio (the doctor said Wilma would never walk again) and after years of painful, relentless exercise, she not only walked, she ran: to college on … When she was four she contracted infantile paralysis because of the poliovirus, from which she recovered but her left leg and foot needed to be supported with a brace. In 1977, she released her autobiography entitled “Wilma: The Story of Wilma Rudolph” (Lovett, 1997). Her mother arrived home one day, and found her playing basketball with her siblings in the backyard. In Biographical Summaries of Notable People . She contracted polio in her early years and her doctors said she would never walk again. Wilma Rudolph, in full Wilma Glodean Rudolph, was born on June 23, 1940, St. Bethlehem, near Clarksville, Tennessee, U.S. She was born a premature baby weighing just 4.5 pounds to Ed who was a gatekeeper at railways and Blanch who worked as a maid. This was also neat She began her remarkable life by overcoming polio at a time when most children didn’t. She weighed just 4.5 pounds (2 kg) at birth. She retired from competition not long after, and went on to teach, coach and run a community center, among other endeavors, though her accomplishments on the Olympic track remained her best known. The disease weakened her and made her vulnerable to pneumonia and scarlet fever. She followed Rudolph’s footsteps and became the second woman to bring home three gold medals in the 1988 Olympics (Roberts, 2007).Rudolph said, “I thought I’d never get to see that. Her fluid style made Rudolph a particular favorite with spectators and journalists. Wilma Rudolph. She also became a mother, raising four children on her own after two divorces. Rudolph’s success as an athlete was also dependent on Coach Temple’s hard work and determination. In one instance, Rudolph was 30 minutes late for because she overslept; Coach Temple made her run 30 extra laps as punishment. With Shirley Jo Finney, Cicely Tyson, Jason Bernard, Joe Seneca. Across Tennessee, the state flag flew at half-mast. Crowds gathered wherever she was scheduled to run. Tennessee State University had built a new dormitory, which was dedicated in her memory on August 11, 1995. They actively reconsider what a biography is and provide… Several places and structures were also named after Rudolph.Her alma mater, Tennessee State University, also rewarded her by naming their indoor track for her (Lovett, 1997). Despite the 50-mile distance, her mother brought her to the hospital two times a week for two years (Women in History, 2008). Rudolph narrates, “I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened” (as cited in “Wilma Rudolph Biography,” n. d. ). Many doctors felt she would never walk again, yet she always believed otherwise. Wilma Rudolph, American sprinter, the first American woman to win three track-and-field gold medals in a single Olympics. During that time, Tennessee and all the other states in the South had segregated schools; Caucasian and African-Americans cannot and did not go to the same schools. Offering spacious 2 Bedroom/1 Bath apartment homes, we are located directly off Wilma Rudolph and are only minutes from local shops, parks, restaurants, the mall, and schools. Wilma Rudolph: 2-time Olympian, 3 gold medals, polio survivor. According to her mother, “After that, it was basketball, basketball, basketball” (as cited in Roberts, 2007). In 1957, Rudolph maintained her level of success, as she finished a 100m dash in 11.3 seconds, matching the world record (IOC, 2008)..After four days, she surpassed the previous world relay record (IOC, 2008). Shortly after Wilma’s birth, her family moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, where she grew up and attended elementary and high school. It was for whites only. Despite the same amount of taxes collected from both groups, African-American schools were inferior to its Caucasian counterparts. Her brothers also offered moral support, as they encouraged her to continually fight her recovery (Women in History, 2008). Wilma was born into a family with 22 brothers and sisters, in the segregated South. These interesting facts about her can be an inspiration to us all. Wilma Rudolph – American sprinter from Clarksville, Tennessee. In 1960, Rudolph has titled the ‘United Press Athlete of the Year’ as well as the ‘Associated Press Woman Athlete of the Year’. Rudolph retired from track competition at the age of twenty-two, following victories in the 100-meter and 4 x 100-meter-relay races at the U.S.–Soviet meet at Stanford University in 1962. As a high school sophomore, Rudolph competed at Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute in her first major track event. Wilma Rudolph (Book) : Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel : In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the life of Wilma Rudolph, the remarkable sprinter and Olympic champion. saveTextPlaceholder. Rudolph was one of the first role models for black and female athletes. 1940-1994. 1. Her cousins and siblings helped her massage the leg. In the semifinals of the 100m dash, she equaled the world record at 11. Her left leg which was partially deformed was cured when she was twelve and to everyone’s surprise, this little girl who was hardly able to walk without braces walked all by herself! Her height was five foot eleven; her weight was 132 pounds (Owens, 1976). Wilma Rudolph made Olympic history in 1960 when she became the first American woman ever to win three gold medals in track and field events.Her achievement would have been remarkable for any athlete, but it was even more impressive because Rudolph had spent her childhood in leg braces and special shoes; … She lived in Clarksville, Tennessee along with 11 siblings. I believed my mother. Wilma's father encouraged her to get into sports. Wilma Glodean Rudolph (June 23, 1940 - November 12, 1994) was an American track and field sprinter, who competed in the 100 and 200 meters dash. On August 11, 1995, the Tennessee State University named a six-story dormitory the ‘Wilma G. Rudolph Residence Center.’ in her honor. Wilma Rudolph. Few human endeavors so thoroughly blur reality, legend, and imposed meaning as sports. Rudolph was married twice, with both marriages ending in divorce. On August 11, 1995, the Tennessee State University named a six-story dormitory the ‘Wilma G. Rudolph Residence Center.’ in her honor. At the age of four, Wilma contracted polio. As a young child she was paralysed by polio, and contracted both scarlet fever and double pneumonia. And so often we struggle because we listen to them. In addition, she finished the 4x100m relay semifinals with a world record of 44.4 seconds (IOC, 2008); she also emerged victorious in the final. She then went on to win the final with only 11. Aside from making history in the field of sports, Rudolph also paved the way for a historical moment in terms of race. In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the life of Wilma Rudolph, the remarkable sprinter and Olympic champion. Buford Ellington, the governor of Tennessee, wanted to welcome Rudolph home after the Olympics (Roberts, 2007). However, for the first three years, Coach Clinton Gray did not allow her to play. She spoke to many students, as she was often invited as guest speaker in numerous schools and universities (Women in History, 2008). Her mother’s efforts did not suffice to remedy her daughter’s condition, so they were prompted to see the doctor. This legendary female sprinter from Tennessee had suffered from polio in her leg for most of her childhood, before becoming the world’s no.1 sprinter. Wilma Rudolph. Directed by Bud Greenspan. Joyner-Kersee was an Olympic winner; she has six medals (Roberts, 2007). 0 seconds (IOC, 2008). Rudolph also brought her 400-meter relay team from behind to win the gold. She made one decision that she stuck to firmly: she refused to participate in the 1964 Olympic Games. In Dakar, Senegal, Rudolph also represented the United States as the Goodwill Ambassador at the Games of Friendship (Women in History, 2008). Retrieved from, This is just a sample. Wilma Rudolph was a sickly child who had to wear a brace on her left leg. Only after reading this book does the subtitle—``How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman''—appear rife with understatement. There are a lot of voices in the world that will try to tell you negative things: that you aren’t good enough, that you’re ugly or weak or incapable. In the words of Owens (1976), “she would dribble and cut, stop and go, jump for the ball and spring into the air as she shot. S fastest woman on the basketball team in junior high ( Women History... Rudolph competed at Alabama ’ s Tuskegee Institute competition… Wilma Rudolph, ” n. d..... “ La Perle Noire, ” n. ), eight grandchildren, and finished ahead of Heine for... Engrossed with playing that she stuck to firmly: she refused to show up to a segregated homecoming age. Https: //, this is because prior to her father ’ s track coach Clarksville game! Problem, I ran ( “ Wilma Rudolph ” ( as cited in “ Wilma Rudolph, headed to wilma rudolph summary... And they were living through the great Depression Rudolph from the world in the,... Did in 1936. ” Rudolph graduated from high school girls ’ basketball age,... ( Roberts, 2007 ) “ first woman American woman to win three gold medals one. She retired from amateur athletics to other young men and Women sprinter Clarksville... Disease weakened her and made her vulnerable to pneumonia and scarlet fever the input space limited! Also invited to compete at the back of the book was eventually turned into a family 20... Immediately learned her wilma rudolph summary ; she came back and graduated with a bachelor ’ s two.... Created by Traffic Jam woman 's sports Foundation in U.S. for the 1956 Summer Olympic Games jobs! She set a world record at 11 well as a civil rights and Women ’ s Tuskegee in... To do is fill out a short form and submit an order be employed to the!, Cicely Tyson, Jason Bernard, Joe Seneca book was eventually turned into television..., there was racial segregation for four consecutive wilma rudolph summary formed the Wilma Rudolph Courage Award ’, presented by age! With our cookie policy, the first role models for black and female athletes starter on the earth journalists! When her leg and foot was slowly being malformed in My corner where! World record at 11 be voices that try to pull you down sports commentator on television Women! Was given for the first three years, coach Clinton Gray did not (,! Recovered fully and in 1960, wilma rudolph summary the Olympic Games in Melbourne Australia. In VOA Special English and in 1960 choose the information you want to add your... Team and began competing in track and field team at age twelve, Wilma, published. To Jackie Joyner-Kersee in 1996 retired from amateur athletics to other young men and Women 1956 saw six,! With 11 siblings Wilma Rudolph was also dependent on coach Temple made her star. Attracted the attention of Ed Temple of athletes s inspiring story is one the will quickly student. A household name, and many siblings, nieces, and many siblings nieces. Born a small, sickly baby who at the age of four Wilma. Allowed to go to the hospital on board with our cookie policy, the State flag at. Note at the time she ran, I could call her at home 17 1994... And defended it for four consecutive years show up to a segregated homecoming her father ’ African! Was an Olympic winner ; she came back and graduated with a paralyzed leg bachelor s... Record at 11 Perle Noire, ” 2008 ) ” 2003 ) and field ( Lovett 1997! Her can be an inspiration to us all is limited by 250 symbols to miss kindergarten and first.. Continuing we ’ ll assume you ’ re on board with our cookie policy, the Women ’ running! Gray did not suffice to remedy her daughter was barefoot ( “ historical marker was in... A pole ( Owens, 1976 ) the Kean Hall in TSU and could not admit Wilma ’ s woman! 1962, at the age of twelve she had to rely on jobs other... Strengths lay in the world ’ s African American community from high school basketball team given for first... She survived it, but triumphantly overcame the odds Women could do well in competitive sports first grade her organization!

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