With this incident, you can potentially save money and practice water conservation. Some models have the EPA WaterSense Certification, which means it’s backed by a third–party certification and meets EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. We stock the respected, reliable brands that irrigation professionals use, including Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, … It tracks your location and forecasts the exact lawn location then accordingly adjusts watering. You don't have to worry about leaving it outside since it is enclosed in a waterproof case. Before making any purchase, there are a few features you’ll want to think about if you want a smart buy. In addition to 8 zones of coverage, the Rain Bird has a watering delay function that you can set to suspend watering up to 14 days. Now that sounds like a total waste of money on water bills. Most smart home sprinkler controllers can be installed in under thirty minutes. Recommended Article: What's the Best Cheap Cordless Electric Lawn Mower? | Shopping Australia The products listed above have a range of 6 to 12 zones. Turn Your Yard Into a Relaxing Mini Getaway, 11 Money Saving Ways to Turn Your Yard into a Relaxing Mini Getaway, What Is the Best Cheap WiFi Smart Thermostat? What makes a smart irrigation controller different from standard irrigation systems is that it can be operated through a smartphone through a dedicated app. 1 NEW LOOK, SAME SIMPLICITY AND NOW WIFI COMPATIBLE With simple-to-read text and a bright LCD display, the ESP-Me is easy on the eyes. What is the best irrigation controller? This device covers six zones, can detect bad weather, is weather intelligent, and an indoor-only model. Each homeowner can use Predictive Watering Adjustments to achieve water savings. If this sounds like it may be important for you to have, you’ll find that 3 out of 5 of my best wireless irrigation smart controllers recommended above have a manual panel for additional control. Since all of these products are smart controller sprinklers that can be controlled using a smartphone via an app, it makes sense that a push notification is a must feature. This model has an independent cloud device, which means it continues to work even without an internet connection. As one of the leading suppliers of WiFi irrigation controllers in Australia, we offer a comprehensive range of products. It doesn’t include a lock, however, so you’ll need to purchase one as well. For a simple controller that can also be programmed using an app on your mobile phone, this device is a great deal. It is simple to setup customised watering schedules that can be adjusted automatically all year long to ensure a healthy, beautiful landscape saving you time and money. MORE STATIONS. If you have other smart devices in your smart-home hub and also use Google Home devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, or IFTTT to control them, then you’ll be happy to know that a sprinkler control system has voice control features. Irrigation. It also comes with an enclosed weather-resistant box for outdoor use and a key to making it kid-safe. And now it’s WiFi Compatible so you can operate an irrigation system from anywhere in the world using a smart device. A digital panel control is also included in the Rain Bird as well as the EPA WaterSense Certified label. Wifi Irrigation Controllers - Ph: 03-9576-2344 - Malvern Irrigation Supplies. You can buy any type of device you want as long as it has the features you need. Products with the WaterSense label allow you to achieve more while using less water and can be a great deal. Dural Irrigation currently offers the Orbit B-Hyve Smart WiFi Controller. It adjusts its watering schedule automatically based on the local weather, season, humidity, and temperature. Irrigation Controllers. Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping your … The Hunter Hydrawise is one of many smart irrigation controllers on the market. Save Time Smart Irrigation automates watering. A$215.00. After much overseas research for a wireless (WiFi) watering system to buy - I discovered this amazing, very affordable and easy to use WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller that is manufactured locally in my home state of South Australia. Hydrawise cloud software is a user-friendly water management software. Learn more. Welcome To B-hyve™ We share your passion for a beautiful landscape, while protecting our most valuable resource - water. The ESP-TM2 irrigation controller is the perfect option for basic residential solutions. X2 is the best choice for traditional dial control and is Hydrawise capable for ultimate water savings in any installation that requires 14 stations or fewer. The watering schedule feature of smart sprinklers can possibly help in saving money for your water bill. In some areas, you can get up to 50% of the cost back for the price of the controller. Skip to content. WaterMe is connected 24/7 and allows you to view your current watering cycle, set up watering schedules and … The software will read the forecast and adjust its watering schedule all by itself. Trusty Joe allows him to merge these two interests and offer the best of both worlds. Dimensions Returns & refunds We will … Buy the best ESP TM2 Outdoor Irrigation Controller with Wifi Enabled Connectivity in Melbourne. Buy the best WiFi Link Module for Irrigation Controllers in Melbourne. Archive View Return to standard view. Building upon Rain Bird’s legacy of The Intelligent Use of Water®, this controller offers simple water saving features that you will actually use. The Rachio Smart Lawn Sprinkler System is one of the best wireless sprinkler controllers for maintaining your yard from afar. When current is too high or too low, you will be alerted that your system … Out of all the smart sprinkler controllers we tested and reviewed, we recommend Orbit B-Hyve as the best WiFi sprinkler controller. Hunter's lineup offers an array of user-friendly features and smart controller water-saving options built to fit any landscape irrigation system. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . We sell Wireless Irrigation Controllers like WaterMe, Orbit B-Hyve, Hydrawise HC and Pro-HC at affordable prices. Add to Cart. You just need to replace your existing fixed timer box with the new wireless version and reconnect the wires to the new device. You can also make adjustments while you’re away from the house through your smartphone or any app for mobile phones. This unit handles up to 7 zones, gathers the data, and works with smart home integrations like Amazon Alexa. A Wi-Fi sprinkler controller that meets the needs of both the homeowner and the contractor. You’ll worry less about your lawn getting watered too much or too little regardless of the time of year. If you want a weather-resistant controller that you can install outdoors, check out this product from Rain Bird. This feature potentially saves you money on water consumption and is great for the environment too. Learn more. After much overseas research for a wireless (WiFi) watering system to buy - I discovered this amazing, very affordable and easy to use WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller that is manufactured locally in my home state of South Australia. 750w Breezair Direct Drive Icon motor suits EZH175,EXH170,EXS180,EXQ170 & EXQ175 DATRAN Australia stocks a range of quality Wireless and Cellular (SMS/text) remote control solutions for almost any application. Through a smartphone app (or by using onboard digital controls), there are a lot of customization options. Install the same controller on residential and light commercial sites. We went home a few days after and found the lawn all soggy. What's the Best Cheap Cordless Electric Lawn Mower? With a wireless irrigation controller, you’ll never miss another watering or fear that your lawn and garden suffer when you’re not home. Cart; Menu. Each one of our smart irrigation picks above comes with built-in weather analysis software that tracks the daily weather. Home; Shop. [CDATA[ The weather sense technology feature conveniently waters your garden based on … It is a professional cloud-based irrigation … That's when I decided to gather my team for this review of the most popular smart sprinkler systems today. Shop online for Rain Bird Irrigation Products and Controllers now at Smart Water, the leading Aus store for top quality irrigation and watering systems. Add station modules when expanding irrigation without removing or eve.. A smart irrigation controller works differently than fixed hose timers. It even schedules automatically, based on the chance of drizzle.

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