Classification according to the API degree: Light crude oil: API gravity higher than 31.1 °API … Both a crude oil's viscosity and its API (American Petroleum Institute) degree are important parameters for classification. Here's all you need to know about the API (American Petroleum Institute) engine oil classification and why is it adopted as one of the most common standards across the globe. Do not use unless an API SJ, SL or SM rating is specifically called for by your motorcycle manufacturer! Oils may have more than one performance level. These oils were formulated for use in vehicles built prior to 1930. There are many different categories/types, such as SG/CD, SF, SM, SA, SB, SC, SE, to list a few. The recommended correct oil to use for all gasoline engines, in any year, is the classification SM. Oils may have more than one performance level. Crude oil with low content of sulfur means ‘sweet’ and the presence of … API Engine Oil Classifications brochure . API stands for the American Petroleum Institute, which is the major United States trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. The newest oils are the SN, brought out in 2011, and the SN Plus released in 2018. The American Petroleum Institute (API) has categorized base oils into five categories (API 1509, Appendix E). So if you buy an engine oil meeting only API SA, it's an engine oil formulated for use in vehicles built in the 1920s. When it comes to an oil change, ensuring you choose the right API classification is essential. Today, the most common grades are 5W‐30 and 10W‐30. Stage Design - A Discussion between Industry Professionals. API Car Engine Oil Specification Explained API Spec is a very common sight, in fact you'll find one on almost all engine oil, but what does it all mean? API has been testing packaged and bulk engine oils under its Aftermarket Audit Program (AMAP) since 1994. Since 1924, the American Petroleum Institute has been a cornerstone in establishing and maintaining standards for the worldwide oil and natural gas industry. API Service Level Category . • Main drivers for engine oil classification and specifications • Relevant industry groups and bodies • Specification overview – focus on Europe and North ... Oil marketers base oil suppliers ATIEL API JASO Additive companies ATC API, ACC Specifications ACEA API… This defines whether an oil is suitable for gasoline or diesel engines. (3) 45 max for Non-ILSAC viscosity grades. API (American Petroleum Institute) Motor Oil classifications. Gasoline engines: The service level category contains two letters. Choosing the right classification is extremely important since they both have different properties and wrongful use could lead to … In order for a motor oil to meet any of the above mentioned JASO standards it must be at least of one of the following quality levels: API SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM; ILSAC GF-1, GF-2, … Furthermore, the SG classification cannot be used in engines made before 1993. The API represents about 400 corporations in the petroleum industry and helps to set standards for production, refinement, and distribution of petroleum products. API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications are often seen on oil containers and they show the minimum standard of oil that can be used in an engine. API Engine Oil Classifications For Service Fill Oils Footnotes (1) Not required for SAE XW-16 and 0W-20. Therefore, the API maintains such diverse categories as API standard on precision thread gauges, compression-ignited engines (diesel) and oil. Which oil is right for you? API Engine Oil Classification Look to your owner's manual. Presentations. The new system is designed to promote improved communications between engine oil users, suppliers, and manufacturers. API SN Engine Oil Category. The current and previous API Service Categories are listed below. API’s oil classification system Crude oil with API gravity less than 10° is referred to as extra heavy oil or bitumen. This breakdown is based on the refining method and the base oil’s properties in terms of, among other things, viscosity and the proportion of saturates and sulfur content. Official classifications. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil is a good example of sweet crude oil, while oil from Canada and the U.S. Gulf Coast tends to be sour. That's right, motor oil … (2) Not required for Non-ILSAC viscosity grades. The first three groups are refined from petroleum crude oil. That's why it's important to understand API ratings. Monitoring and Enforcement Program. I have a 1993 Ford van with a 4.9-liter 6-cylinder engine. Furthermore, it's also not hard to find SF, SJ and other API Service Categories on the shelves. The current API Service Classification is SN. De API-indeling voor motorolie kent een drietal categorieën. In 1993, the American Petroleum Institute (API), categorized base oils into five main groups. The API cautions that any oil with a classification of SE should not be used in engines built after 1979. It can be diluted with lighter hydrocarbons to produce diluted bitumen , which has an API gravity of less than 22.3°, or further "upgraded" to an API gravity of 31 to 33° as synthetic crude . Since 1930 there have been 12 different classifications of motor oil. When you are choosing a transmission or gear oil you might be wondering what GL-4 and GL-5 mean and what the differences are between these two classifications. API Engine Service Classifications. Old motor oil and even some newer blends (when used in older engines) can cause harm to your engine. Crude oil's viscosity can vary from a low-viscosity liquid to up to tar-like, nearly solid form. Service fill oils for gasoline, light-duty diesel and heavy-duty diesel engines. API’s Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System ... Engine Oil Viscosity Classification, also play a critical role in defining the program. In some occasions, categorization depends on the region from which the oil is extracted. API’s outreach covers not only the oil and gas industry, but also any industry that has an impact on the petroleum interests. (5) If API CI-4, CJ-4, CK-4 and/or FA-4 categories precede the “S” category (4) No maximum for API SP or SN Non-ILSAC viscosity grades. Oxidation and rust inhibitors, defoamers, and pour depressants may be … As shown above, API "SA" oil was the first in the API Service Classification for gasoline motor oils. Breakdown of new and old classifications is included Includes bibliographical references (page 2) Caption title "Filing code: 1525 (P-401)." This is because it indicates the vehicle model year the oil was formulated to service. While SAE grades use numbers and W to classify oil viscosity (for example 20W-40, 10W-30), the API specification tells if the oil meets the required quality and performance standards defined by the OEM. Almost every lubricant used in plants today started off as just a base oil. Vehicle owners should refer to their owner's manuals before consulting these charts. For example the Iraqi Basrah Heavy oil has an of API Gravity of 23 (which place it as medium) yet it is being traded as heavy oil. In 2010 the American Petroleum Institute introduced a new engine oil category under the name API SN and a new supplemental category called Resource Conserving.. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Remil ilmi. Vehicle owners should refer to their owner's manuals before consulting these charts. The API SN category is an improvement over the API SM category in the following areas: Here are Totachi motorcycle oils that meet API standards: 4T Motorcycle Oils … Today when I purchased oil, all the available viscosities and brands were SM. Medium oil is defined as having an API gravity between 22.3 °API and 31.1 °API Heavy oil is defined as having an API gravity below 22.3 °API. The first of these was classified as SA, with further releases going up through the alphabet. Two-cycle engine oils designed for API Classification TC address ring … API Engine Oil Classifications brochure pdf 6.54 MB. The determination of whether a crude-oil blend is light or heavy is not always according to its API Gravity number. The current and previous API Service Categories are listed below. It specifies the viscosity grade required for your car's engine. The classification is based on the results of the JASO T 904:2006 clutch system firction test. Classifications are made based on the sulfur content as well. Bitumen derived from oil sands deposits in Alberta, Canada, has an API gravity of around 8°. The American Petroleum Institute (API) engine oil classification system was set up as a joint effort by API, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). These can be purchased through their sponsoring organizations. "Light" vs. "Heavy" Crude Oil Crude oil's classification as either “light” or “heavy” depends on the oil’s relative density, based on the American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity. In this brochure the API Service Categories are summarised in easy to use charts. And SA is not hard to find mixed in with SM on the shelves at c-stores and others. In 1970, along with the SAE and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), they established the API Service Classification System to define the performance level of a given oil, unrelated in the main, to oil viscosity.The API requirements S for Spark Ignition (petrol) and C for Compression Ignition (diesel) can be briefly described as follows. When purchasing oil, the oil has a quality level (API Service). The designation API GL-1 denotes lubricants intended for manual transmissions operating under such mild conditions that straight petroleum or refined petroleum oil may be used satisfactorily. Get Free Api Engine Oil Classification now and use Api Engine Oil Classification immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. Search. Designed for various high-performance engines, typically between 200 and 500 cc, such as those on motorcycles and snowmobiles, and chain saws with high fuel-oil ratios - but not outboards. API stands for American Petroleum Institute. Informs automobile operators that API changed its classification system for motor oils. Typically, an API SJ through SM engine oil would include some friction modifier.

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