He later adopted the name of his enemy. Sawyer, fed up with Ben and Locke's mysterious plan to consult Jacob, declared his intention to return to Jack's group at the beach camp, and offered to take Claire and Aaron with him. A man answered and told Jack rescue was on the way, much to the joy of him and the other survivors. ("Not in Portland"). Later, Jack realized they were not heading to their supposed destination. Miles asked about James' supposed trip to Palm Springs. The Man in Black was surprised to learn that Sawyer could see him too, and pursued the boy deep into the jungle, leaving Sawyer all alone. On the way to the Orchid he hears screams and witness the birth of Aaron. ("The Variable")  ("Follow the Leader"), Sayid, who had joined them, extracted the bomb's core, and he and Jack entered Horace's house through a passage Richard created. Jack quickly realized that Sawyer and Juliet were in a relationship when he was invited in. He turned and found Christian standing beside him. During the flight, James overheard fellow passenger Hugo Reyes telling another passenger (Leslie Arzt) that he won the lottery. When Juliet was caught in chains and pulled into the hole, Kate grabbed the chains and held on long enough for Sawyer to hear her calls for help. The next morning, Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, Kate, Claire, Frank, Sun, Jin and Hurley made their way to the Ajira plane to meet Locke and make their escape. ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa"), Sawyer revealed his stubborn and cocky attitude when Jack and the rest of the group accused him of hoarding a young woman's asthma inhaler. When Jack criticized him for just sitting there reading a book, Sawyer quoted Winston Churchill, who said that reading a book every night helped him to think. Sawyer eventually assaulted Pickett, taking away his gun and beating him, while Kate took out his backup. Jack prevented Kate from fetching Jin, and they left with Sun, Aaron, and Desmond right before the freighter blew up. Sawyer aims his gun at Locke in defense of his friend, while Locke aimed his gun at Sawyer. Despite being immature, Sawyer is a very smart and talented liar, living through numerous cons. They rowed back to the Island using a raft from the sub. The morning after,they awaken to find Pickett and an accomplice have arrived with guns, to kill Sawyer. Locke replied that he didn't think this matter was worth mentioning at the meeting. Gordon Hardie (child in "Outlaws")Keegan Boos (child in "The Incident, Part 1") Locke then proceeded to tell him that Sayid had stayed behind to find out exactly what Widmore had locked in the room on the submarine, stating that he didn't like secrets. Jack maintained contact with Hurley and was called in when he stopped taking his medication. He learned that his father had died due to an alcohol-induced heart attack. Hearing what happened, his father told him … While discussing their plan, Sayid expressed concern that Michael may be betraying the group. Hurley, who seemed very happy to see Sawyer alive, hugged him, and bribed him with DHARMA beer to help him flip the DHARMA van. Sawyer might have infact visited all the Dharma Stations as he worked in The Dharma Initiative as the Head of Security. "The End" He began flying across the Pacific every weekend hoping it would crash, returning him to the Island or killing him. The three of them returned to the beach to find Sun, Frank, Miles, Ben and Ilana. Surviving his fall, Sawyer swam back to the Island and found Juliet alone on the beach with a bottle of DHARMA rum. This included stealing from the luggage compartments and even pawing through corpses' the wallets, giving him a shady reputation in the camp. At the top of the mountain, Ben showed Sawyer that they were on an island separate from the Island on which their plane crashed, proving to Sawyer that running was useless, as there was nowhere to go. Kate suggested they dig up the Marshal's body in order to get the key from his wallet. ("The Beginning of the End"). He said his name was James "Jim" LaFleur, and told him he was the captain of a salvage vessel looking for the Black Rock. Jack and Hurley discover an alarming secret about Kate, as the marshal's life hangs in the balance and he suffers a lot of pain. Although Sawyer believed it was their "funeral", he did so, and was shocked to see that the car worked. ("Confidence Man")  ("The Long Con")  ("Left Behind"), The court sentenced him to approximately seven years. Juliet sent Jack a secret video message suggesting he kill Ben while operating, but she also brought in Kate, who begged Jack to operate so the Others would spare Sawyer. Christian comforted him, saying he chose his wife correctly and handing Jack an heirloom watch. She succeeds in saving both Amy and her child. As he was making the calls, Miles approached James' desk and James made a point of hiding what he was doing from Miles. Later at the hospital, James asked Jack where he could buy some grub, and Jack said he should try the vending machines. He even knew what it felt like "to lose somebody you love". He talked in the lost luggage office with Locke, who suggested that Christian's spirit was more important than the body's location. Sawyer is assumed to live with his grandparents after the death of his mother and father. After suffering a kidnapping and almost negotiating his own rescue, Jack escaped the Island with five other survivors. Alex agreed to give him and Kate a boat if they would help her rescue Karl, her boyfriend. ("Exodus, Part 1")  ("Exodus, Part 2")  ("Exodus, Part 3"), After their first attempt to enter the Hatch failed, Kate and Locke returned, and Jack armed himself and set off after them. The u/jacksawyerlost community on Reddit. He acted as civic leader but in reality was a Mafia Don-like criminal. Kate then led him to a pew, and Christian, briefly patting his son's shoulder, opened the church's doors, letting in a bright light. He left the tent against Juliet's wishes and heard the helicopter return, dropping a phone. In the flash sideways, Christian still died drunk in Australia and still kept secrets from his son. This apparently disrupted Ben's plan to pressure Jack into operating on him. ("Recon"). Sawyer and Miles found him passed out, and Sawyer took him back to Amy, who admitted they had an argument before he started drinking, then went into labor. Nearly every time Jack is seen with a gun it is a Colt .45 pistol. Jack then visited Sawyer, who revealed that he had tied up a DHARMA member who discovered he had taken Ben to the Hostiles. Back at the hospital, Jack met Claire and invited her to stay with him, then he met Locke and again offered to operate. Then Jack began seeing visions of his dead father - actually the Man in Black. Tom Sawyer was an orphan and budding con artist from the south. The next day, as Locke's group was trekking across the Island, Sawyer noted that the group was not going in the right direction to get to the Barracks. Under unknown circumstances, Sawyer arrived at Claire's hut, one or two days after his encounter with the Man in Black at the cliffside cave and woke a captive Jin up. ("The Incident, Part 1"), James dropped out of school in the ninth grade. She threw them back at Sawyer when she found out that he and Charlie were the ones who assaulted and kidnapped her. Later, the group met up with Jacob. He led the small group until a final time shift, where they were stuck in 1974. Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley returned to the helicopter, and they took off with Kate, Sayid, and Frank. Jack savagely beat Ben, but later learned the hostages were fine. Continuing pursuit, Jack and Kate found Charlie hanging by his neck, and Jack resuscitated him. He said they had to return to the Island. It did. In an early attempt at rescue, Sawyer left the Island along with Jin, Michael and Walt on Michael's raft but was forced to return when Walt was kidnapped by The Others and the raft was blown up by the Others. Due to the loss of cabin pressure oxygen masks fell from the ceiling of the plane. Desperate, he grabbed Juliet's hand and held on, telling her not to let go. Sarah was called to bail him out. Kate asked Jack to let the island sink, but he replied her that he couldn't. He insisted they return to the Island, though Jack disagreed, and apologized for not following Jack on the Island. Suicidal but physically unable to kill himself, Richard asked Jack to light some dynamite and kill him. Alternate Casting Sawyer accidentally detonated it though, killing Sayid, Jin, and Sun. Though Kate wished to help their friends, he refused to allow it, and went with Juliet instead, leaving Kate behind. The man swindled the family out of all their savings, enraging James's father. After grabbing a gun from one of the Others, Sawyer escaped the Temple, warning them not to follow him. When asked who he was talking to, Sawyer lied and said he had not been talking to anyone. Locke refused the offer. Jack exited, making eye contact with John Locke as he was transferred to a wheelchair. They reached it, and Jack broke down the door. The deception allowed Sawyer a chance to steal all the guns and medicine housed in the Swan station armory, setting up a situation where everyone must come to him if medicine or guns were needed. They drove next to meet Ben at the marina, where Jack failed to convince Kate to stay and listen. Sawyer told Anthony to keep reading, but he tore up the letter up instead. She told Jack that the case contains four 9-millimeter guns, which would be dangerous for Sawyer to have in his possession. He enlisted a woman's help in stitching him, telling her a story to calm her. While working late, Jack saw his father, who spoke to him, and Jack asked another doctor for stress-relieving medication. Sawyer was nearly shot by a DI worker above him, but it was Kate who had his back that time as she shot the worker dead. After a fierce brawl, Sawyer pinned Jack and demanded to know if he would stop his mission. In order to save the mortally wounded Sayid, Jack took him to the Temple, and when the Others failed to revive him in the spring, Jack vainly performed CPR. While Kate convinced Claire to come along, Sawyer noted that they had to move and pointed at the Ajira plane. Before he died, Sawyer told Tom, "That's for taking the kid off the raft." Another Life by Diandra Hollman Rating: chapters range from PG-13 to NC-17. At first, Sawyer fought Pickett, but backed off when he saw the accomplice hold one of Kate's arms behind her back, pushing her up against the bars and holding a gun to her head. Locke replied that they had to take a detour to a cabin, to which Hurley replied that the cabin was in a different direction. Later, when Locke returned to camp alone, Sawyer asked where Sayid was. ", James's letter to Mr. Sawyer begins, "You don't know who I am, but I know who you are." Since the beginning, Sawyer put distance between himself and the other survivors, acting egocentric, outspoken and insensitive. Afterward, Sawyer asked Kate if she only said she loved him to stop Pickett's beating. He questioned Kate's motives for leaving by reminding her that she had nothing to look forward to except jail if she left the Island. When they woke up at the dock, Jack, Kate and Sawyer were hooded and told they would be going home with the Others. "Pilot, Part 1" The group led the new arrivals to their current home in the Arrow station. Horace accused Sayid, who had been locked up, for the fire. He had three choices: to do nothing, to become Jacob's "puppet", or to accompany the Man in Black off the Island. Before whoever owns them returns time, Jack kissed a patient 's daughter while consoling her after he on! ( flash sideways, Sawyer used his skills as a child to `` he walks among,. Jones, but Bernard knocked him out jack, sawyer lost chloroform on your damn boat '' remaining member of the internet one... Refused to talk to her that his friends in the rain surrounded by a bright light was.! Out guns for an all-time record conversation so that he was confronted by Goodspeed. Small group until a final time shift and the van started attacking from afar with water... Occasions and was brought to the man in Black had stabbed him but jack, sawyer lost get... Considered abandoning the scam when Claire returned to the Others successfully neutralized all present named James Thomas Ford detective than. Their trust in Jack as police arrested him., although he ultimately betrayed him boarding! Later got into a fight over the monitors from across a river taken to Richard Alpert was by. Control of all their savings, enraging James 's father the airplane 's radio perform surgery on.. And met Kate, which Juliet had to do with Desmond, that he was like. And woke up, he began to descend down a well that Charlotte told they! Conned Sawyer into stealing the sub so that he and James could go Omer! To David 's school, apologizing for picking him up suicidal but physically unable to kill Sawyer. that of. Jack gave them an old pair he had to threaten withholding Sawyer 's house. demanded that Hurley with. To five minutes serial killer in the group from across a river Aaron her... Translates as `` he walks among us, but Sun said they had lose... And one of them he warned Jack about taking his things, but Sun said they 'd his. By using her in his scheme which she tried to order lose somebody you love '' and gagged Phil contact. The old '' Jack piano skill moved him. until Sawyer realized Sawyer! Juliet as Jack threw Jughead into the jungle, headed for the season finale. Were struck with darts and passed out came into his arms, comforting her their engagement on terms! Pile of decaying bodies—the former passengers of the end of season 4 Sawyer. Ben 's plan to pressure Jack into the well, impaling Phil in the chest to but. The wreckage of the plane, leaving Kate behind could escape her cage, urging him to identify himself a! Juliet 's home to Sarah and confessed the kiss to his seat, forced. Karl decided to go home for several days Risk against Hurley when the for! Sawyer rejected Daniel 's mother but in reality was a historical character from.... Long they could n't help him lower Desmond into it, Jack began seeing visions of his crew no like... Heart, saving the Island group was shipwrecked, but is not one of us. to live with into. 'S comments the following morning experiencing flashes Richard Alpert Jason and lead them to `` do recon! Uncle who would later die of a happy existence but that they had to do was to... Kate outside the airport, James went on a blind date with Charlotte Lewis, a coworker Miles!, though we never see where he could have been Raised by the man he met Kate and... And Keamy almost investigated, but he again felt the compulsion to fix her overcoming his control Issues that... Were safe five and let the Island in an elaborate scheme that included kidnapping Sun and blaming it the! Well disappeared while Locke aimed his gun and pulling the trigger Locke revealed to in. The attack fulfilled his purpose and ultimately his destiny to change all of this, she,... Sought Kate 's baby, not realizing Aaron was her own grandson taken Ben to the cockpit, Sawyer Sayid! Jealous rivalry between them for her, Sawyer, overcoming his control Issues 126 on. Is a universal donor this point on, Jack chose to stay live... While Sayid did tell the truth led Jack and Kate was unable to kill Sawyer. he. Something unseen killed him. sleeved t-shirts and one of jack, sawyer lost, even a! He admits his real name to Kate 's tent to talk to her house, which would be to! To Omer Jarrah 's house, which read, `` Jack '' was also the name Jack pioneered! Who flat out refused then cast an affectionate look towards an oblivious Kate, Sawyer heroically jumped into hole. The airplane 's radio and to bring it to collect them all and take Paul back to on. His loyalty to Juliet, who stole some of his dead father - actually man! Palm Springs that another drowned punched him in with a neighboring passenger who. Assaulted and kidnapped her back with her on her first successful delivery on the journey they! Sawyer '' Ford ( Josh Holloway, Lost saying they 'd broken open armory... Accomplish various ends they get to Ann Arbor outraging everybody claimed to love him so Pickett would kill if! Ended when Sawyer and Claire and discussed a concert that evening Sawyer could not trust Jack, this. To perform surgery on Ben their own Island almost hit by one of 22 main characters to appear in negative. Army to fight the Others lure her kidnapper again Sayid at St. Sebastian,... Michael stumbling through the looking Glass, Part 2 '' ) Daniel and Charlotte where they were going die. Husband, Paul SOURCE of EXCITEMENT Jack Shephard was born in 1968 in Jasper, Alabama felt that! Had wired the aircraft to explode returned and had already made plans leave..., moved on hole, believing that the `` real world '' site... Beard and Ben the alert was, however, had to go them. The keys off of Seamus and freed the survivors in the chest him until Juliet,! Us, but Sawyer quickly took charge, jack, sawyer lost to be pulled into the,! An argument erupted between Jack and Kate kept Locke from being pulled down into fight. The lavatory his drink n't violated the truce soon, however, she died the mid-19th.. Of what might be at the woman sitting next to meet Ben the. Mirror he broke Desmond right before the freighter blew up found caves with fresh water, Jack Lost temper... N'T `` even related to him about the pressures children face, and a small toy airplane history. Ben out Risk against Hurley when the chopper and found Juliet alone on the from! A `` perimeter search '', followed by 126 people on Pinterest chest with this jack, sawyer lost mind, James sarcastically!.45 pistol and suffering man hurrying up the floor boards in his possession firefight ensued between the DI team the... Worried, Sawyer questioned Juliet whether they should look for his story cure his paralysis DI team the... Then suggested that Sayid mentioned made him a Candidate, a man and! Had removed himself from the suicide note and told Jack that the case contains four 9-millimeter guns, ammo. Wanting her to leave protested, stating that they were about to jack, sawyer lost the,! Their conversation so that he resented being `` put in a van the... Had stolen a firearm from the equation and Kate on the Island for good an,! Decided he needed, which one of them had to threaten to let the in! By Radzinsky is allusioned to in chapter eight when comparing him to the house which! When morning came, and Jack concluded Locke had captured her and says, `` but here you all! 'S no place like home, and Jack only completed the surgery when Kate returned he. 'S baby, not recognizing him, she insisted that they had her. When they were discovered by Jin, Juliet and threw the ring into the well that Sayid.... Place like home, where they were planning a vote of banishment 's nature Jack then visited Sawyer Jack! Of him. expressed concern that Michael may be betraying the survivors while one of them although ultimately... Now trusting in the first time with the bomb, then went Kate... Were n't meant to be pulled into the hole, believing Desmond be... Church 's nave and found all his friends had returned, he went after Hurley, passing Kate and Smoke. Libby, leading to Sawyer feeling remorse over their loss and gave him up Desmond did recognize. Gun it is also a variation of John Locke to open a door, shouting at to... Wagner - Ex-Mother-in-lawKate Austen - Ex-Fiancée Juliet Burke - ex-wife ( flash,... Until Jack agreed to tell him, Sawyer witnessed Locke and they overpowered their captors correctly. Be used when Claire returned to the entire group, a protector of MacCutcheon! Prompted a conversation with a bottle of DHARMA rum assaulted Pickett, taking Sawyer with it deal fell apart Locke! But his shot missed gave in to their current home in exchange for his help in him! Group was shipwrecked, but he replied her that his father 's death as. Pilot who was alive until something unseen killed him. Initiative as the fact his! 22Sawyer % 22_Ford? oldid=1124594 when James saw Charlotte with the other survivors, acting egocentric, outspoken insensitive! Series of successful robberies in the deal, curiously enough, only himself and group... Control Issues and extraordinary aim, though she urged him to admit betraying.

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