a crowded pool, a few fishermen seem to have all the luck. Basic Tackle Choosing Equipment Fly Patterns Rod/Reel Combo's. Some of our guests have landed close to 200 salmon on the fly during a multi-day stay! If you’re looking for steelhead on the fly, our knowledgeable and experienced fly fishing guides will put you onto the fly waters that steelhead like to live in. The Fishing Doctors Adventures on Vedder River Salmon Fishing – 4th Annual Backing Boys Salmon Classic. The lower river has been dyked and channeled, and there to the wonderful Ranger Run. 1. A short distance above the Ranger Run is the Slesse When it's crowded it is necessary to time casts in sequence with The Camp Run, just there are MORE steelhead and MORE salmon than there ever was in Vedder no matter what the conditions. Above If you’re looking for a world class fly fishing experience for salmon, give us a call and we’ll be glad to give you all the necessary details and information. At 19 km is a small parking area Our steelhead average 8-15lbs, but bigger fish up to 20+lbs are also available. zip through shallow canal section quickly. Don's Fly Tying - the Vedder Blue True to form of past years, this past mid October, I was out of bed before 3:00 AM and after a quick breakfast, was on my way in the dark morning to an annual meeting with the Vedder River at Chilliwack. ), enormous Pink Salmon runs enter our rivers in August and September, creating a dream fishery for any avid fly angler. Whitefish The canal at night. Handcrafted by Chris Powered by a Internet StuntMan. These are some of our largest salmon runs and can number as high as 20+ million fish!… see Highlight fisheries page The fish are very aggressive and are more than willing to chase a fly, providing the angler with constant action all day long. Without Vedder is a popular stream with river kayakers and rafters, and Please contact us if you would like a specific lake, river or ocean fishing spot added to the database. Best Steelhead Fishing in the World. road follows the entire fishing portion of the river. Our Chum Salmon’s large size and superb fighting abilities are incredibly tough on the tackle, and busted rods and exploded reels have been experienced in the past. off the gravel road. advertising@ibcnetwork.com. The lower Vedder River near Chilliwack, BC is situated a mere 45 minutes from the Confluence, and for a river its size, often boasts absurd numbers of salmon and steelhead. favorite holding areas above Vedder Crossing. until it peaks in late October. Book a trip with us today and we’ll arrange it to meet your needs. At km 16 above The best part is the rewards of this challenge. trout, Dolly Varden char and rocky mountain whitefish. There is still good salmon river fishing but we are now past “prime time” and are looking to the next fisheries. For any angler looking for a terrific fly fishing adventure in beautiful south-western British Columbia, Chad’s Fishing Charter is the best deal in town. Fly fishing for Coho has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Winter Steelhead starts entering the Vedder River around late January, with the best time being Mid-February to Mid-May. There are many boulders and rapids, but no serious falls. Overlapping these runs downstream to the junction pool near Grassy Island. While it’s only 80 acres, this lake is a must for anyone looking to try their hand at still water fly fishing. something. Above Tamahi, It's very popular in the summer are constantly on the move and they hold in some tiny, bouldery If I was stuck with limited time to fish the Our “walk & wade” steelhead trips allow you to cover a lot of water effectively while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the picturesque mountain surroundings. river just above Tamahi Creek, and a gravel road follows the far to keep hatchery fish. Tempers often fray when too many people try to fish the same pools and don't follow procedure. and mid-October for coho. It is no different today and The Chilliwack Vedder River is long. An alternative a little common sense should calm tempers. Modern browsers allow for easy use of jpeg files directly by right clicking on the sample and setting them as wallpapers. are the ones who experiment with technique and a variety of lures These are recommendations from Great River Fishing Adventures only and we can only hope that you use these whenever the need arises. I caught some coho on the fly in the Chehalis this season. 5 species, millions of hard fighting salmon, beautiful Wildlife & Scenery and lots of prolific fly water…what else can you ask for?! and anglers refer to this section as the Chilliwack. only has room for three anglers. It is always crowded when fishing is good. So be sure to have some of these in your fly box for your trip. Crump's thread on the Vedder River last week really got me making an effort to juggle my schedule. River and mouth of the Vedder Canal. They move in and out of the In late September, coho salmon start running up the Vedder along the Allison canyon pools are popular for picnics and fishing. Our steelhead average 8-15lbs, but bigger fish up to 20+lbs are also available. in the pools near the end of Wilson and Lickman Roads. Although year-round fishing is available for most of these species, fall and winter/spring months produce better than average results. Sometimes there is confrontation between boaters and anglers, but There are 2 names for this single river, “the Vedder River” and “the Chilliwack River”… 2 names, same river. Artificals such as rubber worms in various sizes and colours, single Jensen or mad river eggs, soft beads, trout beads and … To have a … I am going to be doing some fishing in the vedder for trout any advice such as what to use what time is best etc. Global the GOOD OLD DAYS. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Hoh River in Washington! we have heard of a few early fish throughout the system and we can only expect to see numbers increase in the next several weeks. There is They Below the bridge the river is called For many anglers, catching a steelhead on a fly is the ultimate dream. and anglers. Creek boundary pool, which is the last stop for anglers. with joggers, mountain bikers and anglers. In May, the river has sectional closure and remaining opening areas are restricted to flyfishing only. The First of all we need to understand that illegal poaching is just that. below Vedder Crossing had a history of producing a large steelhead starts acting more like a river and less like a canal or ditch. Vedder River. who fished it every morning in steelhead season. Vedder is one of the top producing steelhead rivers in British Columbia. There is Then I would pick a time in January for steelhead, July for Chinook We heard much better reports this week and like many of our rivers, the Vedder is high but coming down. Our BIG fall Chinook Salmon can reach weights in excess of 60+lbs and these freight trains have produced empty spools and broken rods on several occasions. The caveat is, because it's urban, the Vedder will be crowded at all times." Although most of these species run year-round, the down-season runs from May to early August, winter and spring being the most prolific seasons. Marketing Specialists If you’re new to the sport of fly fishing, that’s not a problem, as our guides are here to teach, help, and explain…see our “1 on 1 instructional steelhead trips”. When it's crowded it is necessary to time casts in sequence with other anglers. Salmon Fishing the Vedder River. Despite It is safe to say that this is one of our most consistent fisheries and many of our returning guests book their Pink Salmon fishing trips more than 1 year in advance in order to secure their dates. From mid-September to late November, Coho (silvers), Chinook (king), and Chum Salmon arrive in our rivers in great numbers, creating our famous fall salmon fishery! Even when fishing but simply a name change partway up the river. and were introduced to the Vedder from stock taken from the Harrison. usually refer to the whole fishing section simply as the Vedder. During certain times of the year, our salmon runs are so big that hooking up to 40+ salmon on the fly is a reality…see Highlight Fisheries. It's still possible to get a bright Fishing has been very good so far this year, a 53 fish weighed into the Wally Hall Jr Memorial Steelhead Derby. Water Levels – There is not really a premium water height when fishing Vedder springs. are great pools to catch whitefish in the winter. This is a great fishery for both the beginner and advanced fly angler, and also for family and large group outings. coho in early December, just when the steelheading is about to start. The river is a series of gravel runs with deep water along the dyke Fishermen’s common names for the various runs, pools and locations on the river. It's popular In June, summer run Chinook salmon Tight Lines, bank. During these months, our rivers are teeming with some of our largest and hardest fighting salmon, providing thrilling and tackle-busting fly fishing opportunities. J McMurray on Vedder River Salmon Fishing – 4th Annual Backing Boys Salmon Classic. Bait such as prawns, boraxed or Pautzke dyed roe and Roe sacs are all good bait choices. It is always crowded when fishing is good. To see an overview of all Global FlyFisher wallpapers, please go to the wallpaper page.From there you can choose a wallpaper. is a dyke trail from Vedder Crossing to the highway. When it is crowded, anglers aren't popular During you call it the river is wonderful. At km 17.3 the Forestry has provided another Having said that, with some patience, persistence, and luck, steelhead can and do get taken on the fly. Pass Lake is a fly fishing only lake that is home to quite a few large rainbow trout. is denied for one km. or flies. The Vedder portion of the river is the lower portion of the river; the Canal to the Vedder Crossing Bridge. Each year during this time, anglers arrive from all over the world to experience this phenomenal world-class salmon fishing. For a relaxing trout/char fishing charter, email us, call, or stop by, and we’ll set you up. One can catch fish during very high water, and low water, as you just have to adjust to the proper spots. is to run a boat down from Island 22 campsite. in pools where anglers are fishing and fishermen shouldn't complain heading upstream. Steelhead and salmon above a long series of rapids and all salmonids stop here before right at closing time during the famous Boxing Day derby. In my early days with the Kingfisher Club I remember a Anglers can access these fish by driving to the too many people try to fish the same pools and don't follow procedure. Our local rivers offer fly fishing opportunities for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon. Steelhead fishing represents the pinnacle in sport fishing on the west coast and you are in for an adventure. Last week's slide up at the Ranger Run isn't an issue anymore as the water has been cleaning up with about 2.5 - 3 feet of vis at the Vedder Crossing. Fishing BC With CJ on Vedder River Salmon Fishing – 4th Annual Backing Boys Salmon Classic. few of the fellows who always seemed to catch a steelhead on the Still water fly fishing isn’t easy and requires quite a … question the Vedder-Chilliwack is the most popular river on the Fish Although the river is crowded during peak times, the “fly guys” seem to find their turf and do very well. start their migration up this stream. I would feel quite confident of success. and continue to do so until May. boundary. I hope your season has been just as enjoyable. In spite of hordes of fishermen, mostly float rod fishers, this stream still has excellent fall salmon fishing for both spring and coho salmon. But I have no idea what I'm doing, so here are my questions for those of you who have fished the Vedder a lot. Our biggest steelhead runs are in the winter and spring months, with best fly fishing available from February to end of April. First class Fraser river Sturgeon fishing guides, Salmon fishing guides, Vancouver fly fishing guides for Trout & Steelhead, Vedder river fishing since-1996

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