If you readied your sleepers before you attack, you will notify your opponent by leaching its resources. If you think you are getting unlucky about not being able to match your sanctuaries with your neighbor’s colonization. This is quest tree for Umbral choir:https://endless-space-2.fandom.com/wiki/The_Umbral_Choir#.C2.A0Potential_Unique_Faction_Quest_RewardsI think it's … Endless Space 2 Umbral Choir Economy and Espionage Theory. Lowering science cost should be more useful for you to increase your hacking capabilities even further. Instead, you're given the choice of razing the system and creating Sanctuaries on every formerly colonized planet, or instantly abducting any and all sleepers resident on the planets. Have Umbral Choir representatives in the senate while they have the +hacking speed skill 3.) Just make sure you have enough population to turn otherwise it’s waste. The UC also can use special nodes very early on so it’s ideal their exploration ship can go faster and probe too. Post your stories, news, and screenshots here! That’s why you should always focus your hacking on expansion. Sanctuaries feed resources back to the primary UC system. Even though they are designed to be a tall faction I would say, they play like a hybrid of both (tall&wide) playstyle but very much depended on expanding the other systems via sanctuaries. It’s utmost important for UC to spend the least amount of manpower in battles. They have a special way to expand through the galaxy, creating these strange things called "Sanctuaries". We're here to save everyone, whether they want it or not.Penumbra is the third major expansion for Endless Space 2. While I was unable to perform this action, likely because it was my own Sanctuary, it should be possible to remove an enemy's Sanctuary this way. Their way of observing is to infiltrate the organisms they are curious about. This is your one and the only one that matter goal in the game. The figure gets sucked into the rift, but not by choice. Always use your hacking for expanding or connecting with a special node via Transmigration Beacon. It's a special, 5-planet system filled with a unique planet type called "Crescents", which are always cold/sterile, and have a unique roster of anomalies and terraformation targets (essentially these are ringworlds, and terraforming one adds additional rings to it, boosting the pop capacity and per-pop yields). Because the UC needs to turn their sleepers into super populations, it has to declare war to one of its neighbors at some point in the mid-game. Their bonus is good and they have 2 slots of representation and you still get to manipulate the elections. Well, at first any player can instantly understand the basics of UC but the tricky part is to adapt their unusual ways. Fighting with an invisible force isn’t easy but once UC becomes opaque you can see how fragile it actually is. The cloaking level of a Sanctuary is dependent on how many planets in that system are Sanctuaries - rather than being associated with your global cloaking level in the military tree. This is capped at a level of 3. Regular check-ups for turning sleepers are quite an easy way to dispose of them you just make sure you have enough happiness. If they are stacking in one place very hard. What do they look like? After you won your space battles you can fully dedicate one of your ship designs to besiege them in few turns without spending single manpower. Now, one such faction are the Umbral Choir. The hacking mechanic represents a needed espionage system but the implementation is a little bit on the clunky side and getting a true handle on all of the factors that go into driving it is nontrivial. 1.)

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