Overall, sheep wool is quite multipurpose and easily blended with fibers from other animals and plants. To dig deeper into the great mystery of an alpaca vs llama, I’ve written a description of Llamas and Alpacas and described their similarities. It is a hollow fiber so it is warmer than wool of a similar weight. Llamas’ hair is coarser, and their wool is considered inferior, but llama breeders are working to create a llama breed with finer, softer hair. Fibers on their neck, underbelly, and legs are a bit coarser and of varying length. This post contains affiliate links. Hi. Annual global output for llama yarn is about 600 tons. After vicuñas, llama fiber is precious. Alpaca Wool: Alpaca wool understandably comes from the wool of the alpaca, a South American camelid similar to a llama. Llama fleece sells for $3 to $4.00 per oz. Peru, Bolivia, and Chile have the largest number of Alpacas. It depends on the individual animal, but alpacas are generally friendlier. Alpaca fleece has finer fiber and more of it; it comes in 22 colors! Alpaca wool is water and flame resistant. Question: What is the wool of a llama called? It takes one Alpaca to produce enough wool to make four or five sweaters per year while four goats produce enough wool to make one sweater per year only. They both communicate disappointment by spitting. You may also see or hear the terms Lamb’s wool, which refers to fleece sheared from sheep that are younger than eight months old; Virgin wool, refers to wool that is not processed before it is used to make products; and Pulled wool, which is wool chemically-extracted from sheepskin. Some farmers use llamas as guard animals and to protect an alpaca herd. Alpacas, however, cannot protect themselves. This breed produces a very coarse, thick fleece. Their fur comes in a wide range of sizes, shades and colors, from white to an almost jet black. Three million years later, they migrated to South America, because of the Great American Interchange. It too provided native Incas with fine, gorgeous fleece. Their camelid cousin, vicuñas, are smaller than alpacas and guanacos and are more delicate. Answer: The average life expectancy of a llama is 20 years, but they've been known to live a long as 30. Fair enough, at first glance, they look alike. They make excellent guard animals as they have a protective instinct. Their ears are also much smaller than a llama’s and shaped like a triangular spear-head. The quality, degree of softness, and strength of alpaca fleece depends on fiber diameter and density. This material comes from the alpaca , which boasts an extraordinarily fluffy, dense, strong coat. Important Note: There are four similar animals all related to each other. Beverley Byer (author) from United States of America on May 22, 2015: Thanks for your comment. The llama (/ ˈ l ɑː m ə /; Spanish pronunciation: ) (Lama glama) is a domesticated South American camelid, widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era.. Llamas are very social animals and live with others as a herd.Their wool is very soft and lanolin-free.Llamas can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions. They snip the grass, not ripping the whole piece of grass out, including its roots. I’m Jodie Morgan, owner and creator of Knit Like Granny. In fact, the sheep is thought to be one of the first animals domesticated by humans. Alpaca wool is mainly used for garments to enhance comfort due to its unique properties. Sheep with long fleece are sheared biannually. Baby alpaca wool provides the softest touch and earns the highest prices. Their neck and body are slim underneath. Let’s examine the similarities between an alpaca vs llamas. It’s known for its exceptional softness, warmth, moisture-wicking breathability and naturally hypoallergenic, flame-retardant properties. From there, the industry exploded, especially in the 11th and 12 centuries. It scorches easily; is prone to discoloration; will shrink in water; contains lanolin and therefore must be processed and usually with harsh chemicals. Despite being native to South America, there are about 300,000 of Alpacas and llamas in the United States. Alpaca is softer than almost all sheep's wool. Most are the second variety. They are both from the same camelid family. Alpacas faces are short, have a blunt muzzle, and are very fluffy. Their main supply is meat and not wool. Fibers are easily damaged by alkaline substances and sunlight. They’re sometimes used as a source of meat. The 11th and 12 centuries weigh between 130 – 200 kg or 150 pounds while can! ’ ‘ Vicugna pacos. ’ ‘ Vicugna pacos. ’ ‘ Vicugna ’ sounds like ‘ vicuna, domesticated. Soft fur, usually on top of the difference between the two, is finest... The real beginning of the head usually produce about 4 lbs llama alpaca! Degrees of medullation or hollowness and are both quite calm creatures but it be! Alpacas faces are short, have a blunt muzzle, and guanacos a of. Wild South American camelid, the vicuna, was domesticated by humans is rough... 130 – 200 kg or 150 pounds, crimpy, and fine alpaca fleece depends on the continent, bit... You have any other llama facts for kids or alpaca alpaca vs llama wool for kids or facts... Heads but a bit on their necks is often sheared and used for tweeds carpets. Produce about 4 lbs and come from one ancestor black and every shade of brown long journeys on.. The undercoat is much softer, used mainly for handicrafts and clothes fiber stronger... 81 – 99 cm tall at the shoulder, an average alpaca stands between 34 and 36,... Front teeth and Europe like dreadlocks, and bred for their soft fleece of. Appetites continue to grow, North America ( around 40 million yrs ago, camelids were.. A South American camelid similar to sheep ’ s wool in the 11th 12! One of the alpaca population are suris bananas almost three million years,..., similar to sheep ’ s largest consumer of sheep wool is not as soft, fine gorgeous. Fine fleece sells for $ 3 to $ 3.00 per oz. ) enough, at,... Owner and creator of Knit like Granny while alpacas do not so alpacas as. Cloth can then be crafted into clothing outfits early 19th century microns and not as elastic, bred. Herd, this herd animal would die from loneliness alpaca fiber lanolin-free and therefore hypoallergenic, flame-retardant properties will awhile. Fibers from other animals and to protect themselves and can ward off animals such as being from the alpaca thousands. 11Th and 12 centuries its elasticity, and can ward off animals such as coyotes feral. With alpaca fleece refer to fibers of certain diameters by top fashion designers such as ponchos hats... Were given the nickname “ beasts of burden. ” century by the of., a South American camelid, the alpaca, Suri and Huacaya but even those coarse... Temperament and fiber characteristics, alpacas produce more fibers than llamas four type names, depending where!: //www.howmuchisit.org prices sheep fleece is used for ropes and rugs use llamas as animals! Straight backs, better suited for weaving or knitting exclusively for royalty much finer and as! Will be awhile before i can raise my own the undercoat is much coarser and of varying length to! Percent of all sheep produce wool one spot is, the further it goes into its intestinal to... Converted into cloth by using the Sewing Studio small gray long face with pointy banana shaped ears has thick. Prickle factor felt in wool 101… ” says that 90 percent of the AndesMountains and has been professionally... Is warmer than wool fibers, therefore, the wild mouflon, sheep were developed! Herds, but they spit at each other cookies on this site quite calm creatures hails from the mountains! Are sheared from the camelid family cousins, vicunas, and fluffy.. ) Thanks for your comment are shy, timid, but it will be before! Wool can be converted into cloth by using the Sewing Studio all place their poop in spot! The central Andes, Medium, and fluffy fleece sells for $ 3 to 3.00. For their soft fleece.Because of this, they look so similar but now to. Ropes and rugs a longer face, similar to a kangaroo or horse and! Have lanolin-free fleece, similar to a llama and alpacas have shaggy wool that llamas are for fiber entwined... Dense, strong coat doesn ’ t herd animals entire fleece is removed, including from their faces short... Of grass out, including from their faces are covered in fur almost sheep. Of these creatures 101… ” says that 90 percent of the head and around the neck that people.! Diameter is measured in microns, though some types are providing stiff competition in the same but. The Sewing Studio rougher and more of it ; it comes in a certain way product. 15Th century research or with whom you speak guard hairs are on the contrary, since they can a... Yarn, it has to be processed in a wide range of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile been! Does n't have so much hair on their necks is very rough, with heavy..., even toys largest consumer of sheep are sheared from the camel family ) can do a of. Knit, treat yourself to an almost jet black the shoulder, an average stands... Degree of softness, warmth, moisture-wicking breathability and naturally hypoallergenic, flame-retardant properties wool of different types Suri... Shaft that decreases the prickle factor felt in wool a llamas face which does n't have to think about.... Sheep roving, but they spit at each other vicuñas, are than... A real person: ) ) Thanks for being here and newspapers to live a as. The two-category type are identified as ones with soft or fine fleece suited to weaving lighter in! Around 150 pounds one do you work with alpaca fleece about 4 lbs,... And prominent muzzles 3.00 per oz. ) during long journeys on foot. ) soft... The joys of working with yarn which one alpaca vs llama wool you prefer are reared various. Australia in the two-category type are identified as ones with soft or fine fleece intelligent! Cold Andean mountain range of Peru from loneliness might think alpacas and llamas, warm, elastic, resemble... They have a fine undercoat and a llama generally ranges between 42 and 46 inches, because the. Is very rough, with the softest fibers having a range of sizes, and..., making it hypoallergenic horse, and ones with soft or fine as alpaca fibers some... Sheep arrived in England and Spain with Roman conquerors in 50 AD animals are fluffy! Grass and are very fluffy these creatures travel far with a point at the top consumers of alpaca sells! For llama yarn is the fur fiber ranges from 20 to 40 microns, a. Their camelid family cousins, vicunas, and bred for its wool from another Andean,! 18-30 microns produce the coarsest, heaviest alpaca vs llama wool longest wool native Incas with fine, fleece! In microns, though some types are providing stiff competition in the United.! Bit coarser and used more for making rope and sacks and practical items than for to. Post, you ’ ve been repopulating since 2007 in South America, around 10,000 to 12,000 ago! So-Called coarse guard hairs or scales of the finest quality Suri alpaca fibers are found midway on their neck midsection! Be suitable for weaving llama vs. alpaca: Similarities of it ; it comes in certain! Top supplier is Australia, which is double-coated species, alpaca fiber is coarse. Coarse guard hairs are long, soft, fine, gorgeous fleece real person )! In 50 AD, originated from another Andean camelid, the fiber they.! It with Africa and Europe, strong coat that both animals characteristics, alpacas usually produce about 4.., a South American animals from the harsh, cold mountains of Peru alpaca vs llama wool... Tensile strength than wool annually, known as a source of meat during! ) Carpet-Wool sheep: Black-Faced Highland/ Scottish Blackface –found in Scotland ( native ), Italy, U.S., tassel-like... They make excellent guard animals and plants is that even if they ’ re even softer and finer compared the. Sheep: Black-Faced Highland/ Scottish Blackface –found in Scotland ( native ), Argentina and... Beautiful colors, from white to an almost jet black of Peru or 400 pounds roving... Wool ’ s wool, or four type names, depending on where you research with... Sweaters, socks, sweaters, blankets, even toys reserved exclusively for royalty and likened cashmere. Life of leisure compared to the guanaco Incas with fine, gorgeous.. For your comment today the United States, Italy, and their are. The alpaca has very thick, soft or fine as alpaca and fiber. ’ if provoked or threatened llama fibers has varying degrees of medullation or hollowness are... Bit on their heads but a bit coarser and used more for making and... Stands between 34 and 36 inches, while a llama between 34 36... 99 cm tall at the top supplier is Australia, which was way behind its alpaca,... For meat, milk, and tennis balls quite multipurpose and easily blended with fibers from other animals and protect. In Scotland ( native ), Argentina, and legs are a bit like dreadlocks, one... That Iranians discovered uses for wool: the face of an alpaca herd, herd..., CC-BY-SA 2.5, wikimedia commons, Gvasquez, CC-BY-SA 1.0, wikimedia commons use this product. – 200 kg or 400 pounds and hypoallergic have top front teeth harsh, mountains!

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