} }); }, } Alice Cooper & Bundesjugendorchester – Peter & The Wolf In Hollywood (2015) Posted by NewAlbumReleases.net On November - 23 - 2015 Artist: Alice Cooper and Bundesjugendorchester //Fetches the Non Iab Vendors & Purposes }; Entertainment Rock band Wolf Alice release highly-anticipated album. // Set page count from cookie }, 'gdpr_pd': 1, } Features (1) } The almighty Wolf Alice have returned with new single 'Yuk Foo' - as premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show today - and the announcement that their second album is titled 'Visions Of A Life' and will be released on September 29th via Dirty Hit. var pageCountCookie = readCookie('pagecount'); gusto.sourcepoint = { 'overlay': { Their name came from a short story by Angela Carter. 'position': 'mpu1' events: { }; It’s all a mystery about what it will sound like. Mercury Prize 2018 winner revealed. render_mode = window.opener.gusto.render_mode "function" == typeof n[2] && n[2](i) Following the release of Yuk Foo in June and the dazzling Don’t Delete The Kisses (an anthem about “playing it cool” with your crush) a month ago, London four piece Wolf Alice are back again with yet another new cut from their forthcoming second album Visions Of A Life with a new track titled Beautifully Unconventional. .defineSlot(window.GLOBALADVERTISING.path, ad_mapping.sizes, ad_id) 'enable_ads_preroll': true, googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotRenderEnded', function(event) { var get_user = function() { 'level': section_array.length, window.dataLayer.push({ } 'at': get_breakpoint(), }; if(dynamic) { “It doesn’t matter what festival it’s at, I’m just really honoured to have a slot like that. })(); dir = target_bits[1], }); // enable Skimlinks 'enable_ads_dac': window.gusto.ad_switch ? I also saw that Fleetmac Wood are playing so I’d love to go and watch a serious covers band. googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); }(); ooyalaIsReady: false, Wolf Alice perform Beautifully Unconventional live in the Soccer AM studio. } while (c.charAt(0) === ' ') { 'event': 'sailthru_gtm_fire' // Ad Push method if (typeof url_vars != 'undefined') { Wolf Alice's intense, passionate sophomore album Visions of a Life should label the rock band Candidate Number One. onPrivacyManagerAction: function() { }, 'mpu-desktop': { var c = ca[i]; config: { } var render_mode = window.gusto.render_mode; if(window.gusto.nielsen.segments) { Released today (May 15) via Dirty Hit, ‘To Mr Fahey’ is a collection of folk instrumentals named after the late guitarist John Fahey. return null; Don’t Delete The Kisses if (c.indexOf(nameEQ) === 0) { 'Visions Of A Life' album tracklist: 1. 'enable_ads_dac': true, var get_url_vars = function() { for(var i=0; i
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