Reentry form; still looks like a cat with guns. Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (N64), Ravage fights under the command of Megatron once more, this time with several allies from (potentially) different universes and/or timelines. He had psycho blasters, guns that gave you seizures. I think that's ravage Which is a robot dog #5 to #4 - fluffopotamus . Ultimately, the Autobots got wind of the test and launched an attack, resulting in the ion-drive exploding and the tunnel collapsing on the Decepticons. Large. ruby is the family dog but i've sort of claimed her because only me and my mom give a crap about her and mom doesn't like her that much. Ravage attempted to attack Prowl, but Prowl evaded him and locked Ravage in a room. New World Order After returning to Cybertron, Soundwave was considering his options when a small sound caught his attention. As a safeguard against potential defeat, Megatron had left instructions for the descendants of the Decepticons to use transwarp technology to return to prehistoric Earth. Ravage is Soundwave 's pet. Bumblebee to the Rescue. Whether they succeeded or not depended on which choices the Autobots made. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. He later came upon a group of humans as they were being given a tour of the city. The Autobot Smasher! Ravage (Decepticon Cassette, 1985) Accessories: Left and right missiles. The Agenda (Part 1), Megatron, however, had one more card to play. It is not certain if Ravage's intentions for Megatron were another ruse or if he was actually out of his kitty mind regarding the tactical feasibility of this endeavor. Mirage retaliated by throwing electric balls at Ravage. If Hot Rod and Kup silently followed the Decepticons back to their hide-out in a nearby canyon, they managed to tricked Ravage and the others into thinking that they were being ambushed by a whole squadron of Autobots. currently i have 2 cats, 1 dog and 3 fish. Ravage's method of infiltration and retrieval raise several questions about the Transformers' physiology — exactly what constitutes an individual? The Decepticons also somehow learned of the city, and Ravage found a way to infiltrate it unnoticed. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 2 attack power and 2 Versatility for 30 min. After Shokaract's suicide, Ravage found Magmatron returned and they all lived happily ever after. The Decepticons plotted to lure the Autobots in a trap through the use of an anti-gravity beam. A lot of new players will have a hard time getting going, so this guide will help you find your feet. Ravage then meets up with his fellow Constructicons Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scrapmetal and Skipjack at a human freighter travelling out to sea. the cats' names are bandit and pepper, male and female respectively. Ravage is a good choice as an hunter pet and it looks great :) Stats immediately after taming without true shot aura and without any beast talents are: Ravage, Level 51 Hyena Unfortunately the volcano blew up in their faces, trapping them with lava. While Scavenger held the woman captive, Ravage and the other Decepticons dragged the ship itself to a hidden location. Part of a troupe of Decepticons sent to Earth to demand the humans surrender to Megatron, Ravage met with the human representative, Hawk, and quickly learned that G.I. Autobots' Lightning Strike, On another occasion, the Decepticons spotted Bumblebee spying on them and send Ravage after him. Autobot Alert! He was also armed with proton bombs. Primeval Dawn Part 1 Primeval Dawn II, Soon, Ravage led an attack on Primal Prime, the Vok's new champion, and managed to separate Prime from Tigatron, Airazor, and Ramulus. Ravage was part of a Decepticon deployment stationed in a desert base. Ravage later on appears in the battle in Egypt. Ravage is a 'feline'. After taking care of Shrapnel and Bombshell, Prime blinded Ravage with an energy burst from his own partner Kickback, then he tossed Kickback into the feral Decepticon, squashing him against the wall. Making himself known, Ravage was threatened to leave at gunpoint by Hot Rod, who was accompanying the humans. Dogs, cats, and other animals are treated like property under the law. It is very hard to survive for more than a few days. Yet, it could be possible that ever since the last film the cons have been observing life on earth and began creating drones that resemble Earth creatures. How to use ravage in a sentence. However, As Rampage traps Sam and the others, he is unaware that Bumblebee was waiting on Sam's signal to attack. Exactly the same thing happened in the Brazilian dub for the series, but to be fair, voice actors in Brazil were never credited for their work until the late nineties. Medium. Ravage is a level 15-30 Rare creature in the Hyena family. Back to the content 'ravege' Hide. Terror of Mount Sheelah Ravage was hanging out at the Decepticon fortress when Bumblebee stole the Decepticons' global crystal, but didn't detect the scout until it was too late. The Autobots then beat up the Decepticons, shoved them down a hole, and poured quick-drying cement atop of them to hold them in place. G.I. Sloan had ended up leaving her kids at the fast food restaurant, Rodeo Robs. An angry Seth comes barging into the door and grabs Sloan, asking her where the kids are. Synonym Discussion of ravage. Starscream sent Ravage to kill Tobias Muldoon, who had deserted the Decepticons when he learned they were evil. It wasn't easy, but once the deed done, Ravage assured Megatron that the Autobots were as defenceless as Earth kittens. Requires Level 23 "Don't ask what it's made of." They were unable to catch him before Kup fired down onto the canyon's walls, causing it to collapse and burying the Decepticons under an avalanche of earth and rocks. The Beast Within. CH Corn Row Ravage EWDII is registered in the JRTCA, the AKC , the UKC, FCI and ARBA as befitting a Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier of his caliber. The Agenda (Part 2), His latest treachery was short-lived. Stop Operation Brainwash Humanity! The Decepticons were ultimately unsuccessful in gathering the data they were after. Ravage complied, noting that he liked this kind of sneaky plan. As the inferno headed toward the bridge, Ravage raised a fist and shouted, "Decepticons forever!" After arriving on Cybertron, Shokaract blasted the Maximal ship out of the sky. However, Soundwave—keen on not losing the friendship of his faithful cassettes—agreed to a truce, and when both sides decided to become friends Ravage happily played with some of Fluttershy's animal companions. 1 He was later shocked when Rattrap showed up to buy toys in the form of a real Transformer. Titans Return: The Power of the Titan Masters, Ravage was one of the many Decepticons who invaded the Klingon homeworld of Kronos during Megatron's attempt to claim the planet as the seat of a new Decepticon Empire, and tangled with M'Ress before he was incapacitated by the Klingon armada. ruby is the family dog but i've sort of claimed her because only me and my mom give a crap about her and mom doesn't like her that much. When the pony tried to treat a "boo-boo" on Ravage's nose, however, Frenzy decided that she'd gone too far and swatted her away, an act that only drew the ire of Fluttershy's animal friends, Discord, and even Frenzy's fellow cassettes. Search for Treasure Under the Sea Ravage was once successful in defeating Roller. I think that's ravage Which is a robot dog #5 to #4 - fluffopotamus . Ravage was later chosen by the Tripredacus Council to take an army to Energoa and defeat Megatron and end the Beast Wars. He accomplished the first task in one possible adventure, where Shrapnel planned to overthrow Megatron with the use of an energy device called the Sun-Pak, and the later in another possible adventure where the Autobots attempted to retrieve the same device after it had been stolen by the Decepticons. In one possible scenario, Ravage accompanied Galvatron on a patrol in a desert at night. Fusion, Sometime thereafter, Shockwave arrived on Earth with a detachment of Unified Cybertronian soldiers, equipped to take both Autobots and Decepticons into custody as enemies of the peace. Shell Game #1, Ravage was among the Transformers laying dormant aboard the Ark when it was discovered by Cobra, who took the alien robots and reprogrammed them to serve in Cobra Commander's plot to conquer the world. When they eventually found a factory, Ravage realized it was an Autobot trick, and pounced on Mirage who was providing the hologram. Combiner Wars Ravage bio, By the tail-end of the Great War, Ravage could combine with the Tripredacus Council and Tarantulas to form Predacus. The jaguar knocked out Firefly and dragged him back to Soundwave to be used as a slave. He and Tarantulas had a good laugh the Autobots' expense afterwards, mocking their gullibility; all they had ensured was that the Tripredacus Council's machinations would continue during peacetime. Ravage was among the Decepticon troops who sought to destroy Ultra Magnus on his journey, confronting him in the Temple Ruins... in theory. Ze wil mij het liefste voorlezen, maar vrouwtje weet heel goed dat ik daar het geduld niet voor heb. His ambitions, however, were thwarted by Snarl who caught him off guard and gave Razorbeast the opportunity to knock Ravage offline. Strength: It wasn't until I saw an actual G1 Ravage toy in a picture did I realize he's a cat. Since he has a feline shape, does that make his spitting up of the. Galvatron then ordered his troops to stay and scrutinize the spaceship instead of pursuing the Autobots. Optimus managed to use the environment to sneak up on the Decepticons, and savaged the lot of them. Pet Sounds, In the year 1985, Megatron sent Ravage and Rumble to the sleepy town of Hill Valley to find an edge in their war against the Autobots. During the chaos of the Autobot insurrection that soon followed, they arranged transport and fled back to Earth to loot its energy resources. Beast Wars Metals #2, Ravage, with a much more arboreal alt mode, was among the opponents that Optronix foresaw himself battling against in a prophetic visions bestowed upon him upon first receiving the Matrix of Leadership. The Decepticons did not succeed in catching Hot Rod no matter what scenario ensued. One of the aliens transported him and Laserbeak to times and places unknown. A battle he took part in a battle against the Dinobots alongside. Ravage is an "Accessory" character, giving Deceptihogs he's attached to "acid rounds": anything their weapon hits but does not immediately destroy has its HP quickly sapped by burning acid. Q2: Why Does Ravage's body parts resemble a dog or a humanoid creature? Revenge of the Decepticons. Many millennia later, after his son, Jaguar, went crazy and began killing everyone, even Predacons, Ravage disowned him. Angry Birds Transformers, Ravage (TM) participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Ravage assured him that if he had come as their enemy, he wouldn't have let them see him. If Hot Rod and Kup decided to attack immediately, the Autobots were easily defeated and destroyed by the Ravage and the other Decepticons. I Am Optimus Prime, Ravage was standing upright among the Decepticon forces when they introduced the Predacons. Fireblast: He next sniped an upstart soldier going by the name "Megatron" with a stun-gun, and the Council surrendered to the Autobots on behalf of all Predacons. So it wouldnt be a major shock if what you say is true and even if it 4 Each character possessed an alternate ending, displayed if the game was beaten with said character. Into the Abyss, Ravage was among a group of Decepticons who accidentally time traveled back to the sixth century and ended up having to battle some similarly displaced Autobots using medieval technology. When he and the Constructicons are converging on Megatron's body, he appears to slither through the water, like a crocodile. But They're Cute? And. Starscream made his first act to take over the human city of Las Vegas, turning it into a kingdom under his command. As for the original post, yes that dog looks like the name 'Ravage' might be a good fit. Ravage excelled at this during the 1980s, when the Autobot and Decepticon conflict was renewed on Earth. When human scientists discovered a mysterious city beneath the ice of the North Pole, they placed a call to Autobot City in order to get the Transformers' perspective on the discovery. Their newly born ally, Spittor, expressed frustration at their unwillingness to finish off the Maximals during the battle, and Ravage responded brutally. Joe vs. the Transformers #4 Ravage later attacked Optimus Prime only to be grabbed and crushed in the Autobot's fist. The two humans overheard the scuffle and investigated, so both sides transformed to evade detection; when Marty picked up Ravage, however, Bumblebee took the opportunity to reverse, scare the teenager into dropping the cassette, and destroy the Decepticon by running him over. The Decepticons seemed to have the upper hand in the ensuing battle and Ravage again invited Hawk to surrender, but the human only responded by cleaving the cat's head with his mysterious tomahawk. Synonym Discussion of ravage. A thousand years later, following the Ghostbusters' defeat of Kremzeek, Ravage was ejected from Soundwave alongside Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to deal with the humans. Must remain seated while eating. Ravage was seen flying into battle with Soundwave in some kid's living room. (A tactical genius, that Razorbeast.) The Autobot Spy in the Sky. Which is awkward, considering his normally feline behavior. How to use ravage in a sentence. He successfully contacted the Maximals and allied with them to capture Megatron. cartoon ravage dog PNG collections download alot of images for cartoon ravage dog download free with high Quality for designers . Prime Directive #1 Ravage and many others were recovered and reprogrammed by the human mercenary known as Lazarus. Well, it's better than mass-changing. The Agenda (Part III), His head, seemingly all that remained of him, was knocked into the water below the Axalon by one of Tarantulas's Arachnoids.

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