I need you! ], Peanut: [takes off her gag glasses] "Me, too! Subscribe. Hi My name is William Galheart. Lincoln: [To the viewers] It's a big night at the Loud House. As Tv Shows. [They gather up some of their things and do as Ace told them.] ", Ace: "No. Category:The Loud House Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom. Another member, named Daxton, comes up to Zane), (Another Teen, named Ryder, throws more money into Zane's case). Lincoln: But, why didn't you have the headlights on? [They run to the door and Lincoln falls down by his sisters.] ", Ace: "Wait. Secrets Part 2: Loud-gax. Starring my very own oc: Laney Loud. Why are you doing chores for Jewel? ", [Jewel goes back to bed with a sinister grin on her face with Alice being none the wiser. (to the teens) You guys wait until your parents find out about this! (Soon, Lori came outside the house, and noticed what was going on). [Holds her sisters] These guys respect our arrangement. Lori opened it, and saw Leni, smiling). ], [Ace has set up a pretend car test for Alice to practice on. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? It's seasonal! ], Previous: Lala Loud House: Making the Case/Transcript, Next: Lala Loud House: No Guts, No Glori/Transcript. Lincoln: Come on phone! Zane: Look at this boys, we got a little wimp! Apr 16, 2018 5 min read. Lincoln: No! 8 minutes ago | 0 view. The following is a transcript for the episode "Driving Miss Hazy". It's right by the spinny thingy." (Just as Leni said this, another drunk driver nearly ran right into the van, but went pass it at just the right moment). [holds up an instruction manual. Rita: I can't do it, honey. [C] 2b - Making the Case Ponyville Confidential: Loud House edition. ", Ace: "Alright guys, we need to set it up like a real car." Actor-Inspired Element: The pageant host who was known as Donny Dufresne in her first appearance, transitioned by the time of her second in "Gown and Out".The character now goes by Dana. With all the great things you've done to our family, I think you at least earned something special. Lynn Sr.: Well young lady, although I'm proud of your effort to save Lincoln, I'm still going to punish you for keeping your secret from us, and causing Lori to believe you would be picking him up from the concert. Car Driver: Hey! ], Ace: "This is a break pedal. Loud House episodes: It's a Loud, Loud, Loud House. ", [the pile falls on top of Ace and he pulls it off; insert an image of Jewel's driver's license. I was being really selfish, it was making everyone stress, and I'm sorry. Games Movies TV Video. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys. The Loud House S01E03 - Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori. Get the Message. You're gonna fail. ", [flashback to said incident; Alice had crashed the van into a tree and set a fire hydrant to spring a leak with a nun screaming at the top of her lungs in a panic and a paper boy is hanging by a branch. She screams, and quickly tries to swerve around the person, but this causes the van to spin out and almost roll off the ground. It's called "Wacky". (hugs them both) You're the best! Leni: He didn't! That means she probably drove off with the van! You're shaking. I didn't think you could make a song sound so BEAUTIFUL!!! Lynn Sr.: Oh! (Leni shushes him, and then she wraps him in a gentle hug), Leni: Lincoln, I'm sorry for what happened last night. Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club. Leni: Oh gosh! She gently hugged him back, and rubbed his head. Season 4. ", [Ace is pacing around waiting for Alice to get home; Alice opens the door. Sign up. School of Rock. Well, I'll see you guys soon! (realizes) Wait, that made no sense... Gah! ", Alice: [eager] "FUN!" This is a lot of laundry! ", Alice: "WAIT! Never mind! By: SGWarrior. Leni: (checks her watch) Oh! "It's a soy pumpkin cookie crumble cream. ], [The next day, Ace is waiting for Alice to get back from her driving test, unaware of what happened last night. S1:E22 | Oct 15, 2016 | 23m. Luna Loud. Follow/Fav Luke Loud in The Loud House. In fact, no one did! The Loud House S03E033 Missed Connection. What are you doing out here? I have to contact them! No Such Luck (renamed Ghost in the Outfeild) A Novel Idea (renamed The Orange Blur) The Old and the Restless. 22:50. AllisonDeborah9262. Leni: (in her head) Wait... What about those two previous nights?! The Loud House Season 1 Episode 3 - Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori. On May 5th 2016, Driving Miss Hazy aired, becoming my favorite episode until 2017. Leni: What?! That definitely needs to be washed! ScottLyng2579. Driving Miss Hazy Worst Episodes of Season one: 3. I finished your poem for your ten week anniversary. (Lincoln looked scared. Zane: (sarcastically) Aww, listen to that cute wittle voice. I thought Lori was supposed to pick you up-. … And lavender sheets. ", [drives the mower through the hedges; end of flashback. 11:19. ", Ace: "Nice craftsmanship. Scratchpad is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. 11:19. By: Kinghammer Publishing. Let me get the rest." Lori: (scratches her head) Well, I won't be able to. She arrived at the mall, and parked the van. Recently Changed Pages. I need you! (Lincoln, touched by his sister's remarks, hugs her), (Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. What do you do? Then Driving Miss Hazy aired. Leni: Thanks guys! Leni's driving test. (Zane looked closely at Lincoln's phone, and noticed the numbers nine, one, and one), (The other teens try to grab Lincoln, but he ducks underneath them, and runs off), (The teens all run after Lincoln. I'll see you tomorrow, Linc. S1 E8 May 20, 2016 . Leni was lying on her bed, crying, and looking awfully frightened), (Lincoln was in the van with Lori, and they were driving towards a concert). Lincoln: (sniffs) Leni! [changes into her special driving outfit and makes a couple of poses. Leni: Ah! [B+] 3a - Driving Miss Hazy Lincoln's a great driving teacher. Lincoln: (pulls out his phone) Okay, okay, what's the address?! You have to stay on the road! The concert's about to start! Leni: I still don't get it. The Boss Maybe Family Bonding Strife of the Party Kernel of Truth Ghosted! The film stars Tex … [The others salute and get to work; they replace Storm E.'s bass drum with a white high heel shoe. [accelerates; heading for the hedges. But don't worry, I'm sure Leni will come pick you up. As of season 5, Leni becomes the oldest sibling of the house while Lori is away at Fairway University. But I just hope you realize, no matter what happens, I will be there to care for you. He opened them, to see the van in front of the group). I was sitting on my couch at 3:00 AM. [piles it on the laundry pile, stacking it up high. Wait! S1:E6 | May 10, 2016 | 23m . (Zane and the others tried to back away, but then, the police officer from before shows up, along with other police officer cars). Driving Mister Hazy No Guts, No Glory The Sweet Spot A Tale Of Two Tables New Reading List. I can't remember the address! Daxton: (appears next to Lincoln) Contact who? Learning how to drive is stressful! Don't always go to Leni to take you to places. (slowly approaches her), (Leni began to have flashbacks of the previous nights, thinking it would happen to her again. ", Alice: "Yeah, but I failed the driving test 12 times. This is a lot of laundry! [pulls them through the door only for them to fall on top of her.] But never mind that, let's go celebrate! I'm done with the whole chore thing, because I think it's just pointless, especially when Leni does get her license. "Hey, guys." ", Alice: "Good side!" (continues to cry). Now come eat your dinner, it's getting cold. Oh, and here are my dirty gym clothes, too." [takes another sip of her smoothie. She owes me a pedicure." However, instead of letting this happen again, Leni drives faster ahead of the car), (Then, a motorbike comes around the corner and dashes right past the van, but Leni stops in time). THE LOUD HOUSE. ", [flashback to when Alice tried mowing the lawn. I'm just a normal teenager who loves Nickelodeon, especially The Loud House. And you know black people are loud in the movie theater especially on opening night so you can’t have someone that plays us doing same shit we wouldn’t do in real life. Starring my very own oc: Laney Loud. (Luna walks … After a while, Leni is getting ready for bed, but she then looks down the hallway at Lincoln's room. 9:32. ], Alice: "It's not fair! 11:19. Lincoln: "Come on, Lori! Car horn, turn signal, and...oh! Lori: Leni, not now. [tosses remainders into pile] "Wore that yesterday...wore that Tuesday...whoops! [passes jeggings], Ace: [passes back] "Actually, I'm pretty sure she will pass. It's just like a real spinny thingy! Lincoln headed into the room to see her). Lincoln: Nice, Leni! ", Jewel: "No she won't. "I'm just about to put my swimsuit on, I'll be right with you guys." (All the girls squeal with excitement. ], [Unfortunately, a cop is right behind Alice to give some bad news. Season 3. … Are there nuns in it? Rita: Oh, shoot. What if she gets hurt? [points to wreath], Ace: "The spinny..." [realizes] "That's the problem! appear on-screen. He then headed into his room and shut the door behind him. Ace: [sighs] "Fine." But judging by how many times I failed, and what I just witnessed, made me realize it wasn't so easy! I put up with people who were bad drivers, people that were walking and talking weird, and cars I can barely see because the headlights weren't on in the first place! And now, my family is back to normal, and, in two weeks, I'll like, be able to go to the mall again! Khoghe8276. The Loud House first aired as a 2013 short, but became a series in 2016. Oh my god! Rita: It was nice of you to help me prepare dinner, Leni. Script. Category:The Loud House Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom. [groans in pain] "What are you doing with all this stuff? [hands him her jeggings], Ace: "No, thanks." Rita: Oh, there are the tomatoes! Watch out! Police Officer: And as for you, I'm not proud that you went above the speed limit. Creak! There should've been some kind of switch where you could turn the headlights on! Leni: (gasps) Oh no! That was too scary! (to the viewers) Nothin' quite like it! But you still had hope for me, and tried your hardest to help me pass. [B+] Games Movies TV Video. S1:E23 | Oct 17, 2016 | 23m. She couldn't stand anymore of the fear she had of going out and driving at night. Lincoln tries to help Leni pass her driving test. Subscribe. She bends down towards him), (Lincoln tightly hugs Leni, as his tears began to stain her dress. Project Loud House/In Tents Debate . (The word 'drive to the store' echoed in Leni's head, as she suddenly had a very scared look). Yeah, nice job, Alice! (After Clyde walked away, Lincoln pulls out his cellphone, and dials Leni's phone number), (Before he was about to call her, he could hear some chanting in the background. … Everyone's given up on teaching me. So, you ready to get started? You and Alice both. ], Alice: [excited] "Wow! "The Loud House" Driving Miss Hazy/No Guts, No Glori (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. (During the night, Leni was in the kitchen helping Rita get dinner ready). ], Ace: "The road is straight, so keep the wheel straight. Picture Perfect; Undie Pressure. Plus, I think it … ], Siblings: [worried what might happen] "Whoa! It was only a driving test! I understand why you're doing this, but I just want you to remember this. Register Start a Wiki. Leni: (pants) Oh my god! Turn on! ", [Blanket walks in dressed in a squirrel costume and makes squirrel chatter sounds; Alice gets out of her side and screams in horror. 21:30. It's 644, pm? The Loud House … (voice breaks) And now, I feel so traumatised! [Ace and Alice scream at their sister's appearance.] One day, she was going through a practice drive with Lincoln and Lori. (Suddenly, Zane picks him up by the shirt), (The phone call drops. Ever since I got my license, I was too afraid to drive at night, and I didn't want to tell you because I thought you would take away my license. Due to her distraction, she accidentally bumps into another car, setting off the alarm and scaring her. You see Mom and Dad use it all the time! Leni: (nervous) Uhh, excuse me? Always comment on your driving instructor's weight. ", Alice: [tosses controller in frustration]"But, what's the point? Leni then looked down at Lincoln, who was crying into his hands. 1 Left In The Dark 2 Get The Message 3 Heavy Meddle 4 Making the Case 5 Driving Miss Hazy 6 No Guts, No Glori 7 The Sweet Spot 8 A Tale of Two Tables 9 Project Loud House 10 In Tents Debate 11 Sound of Silence 12 Space Invader 13 Picture Perfect 14 Undie Pressure 15 Linc or Swim 16 Changing the Baby 17 Overnight Success 18 Ties That Bind 19 Hand-Me-Downer 20 … (Suddenly, Leni stood up from her bed, and looked down at Lincoln, looking angry). The Loud House S03E033 Missed Connection. (Once they arrived, Lincoln hopped out the van). (Leni then began to head upstairs, but she also had tears in her eyes. Cartoons Loud House. Because I made sure of it. Lincoln tries to help Leni pass her driving test. Finally tired of doing favors for Lori to get rides, Lincoln decides to help Lenipass her driver's test. (pulls out a gun) Stay right where you are! Jensonraymond . She may have not been as bright as him, but she was still his older sister, and would do anything to keep him safe). If it weren't for you, no one else would've wanted to help me. Ingredients: - Loud House Clip from the internet - Ra ra rasputin Song Upcoming Episodes 2019! Leni: Yay! "Just telling my friends that I can drive now. Friday night at The Loud House, Luna was in her room excited about tonight. [holding Jewel's retainer] "I found your missing retainer in the garbage, and there was some perfectly good gum stuck to it! [Alice taps Peanut's whoopee cushion] "No, that's the gas!" [Alice slaps him] "No, that's my face!" Are you gonna cry, baby? Well, the drive home was really scary! The Loud House S03E033 Missed Connection . ], Alice: [has her virtual self punch an old lady.] / Lori's tyranny as babysitter prompts Lincoln and the rest of his sisters to stage a revolt. Blinded by Science Cow Pie Kid Saved by the Spell … [worried] "Wait. He could understand why she was feeling this way. Rated: Fiction K - English - Humor/Family - Lincoln L., OC - Chapters: 42 - Words: 124,528 - Reviews: 80 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 4/11/2019 - Published: … Lincoln: (gasps) Leni! School of Rock. ", Ace: "No. History Talk (0) Share. There's a squirrel in the road. Let's just get home. ", [Alice is practicing on her old enemy, the lawnmower. Nicole waved to them as she started to clean up the house. ], Ace: "Remember what we practiced, Alice! Loud kids: [looking through the dining room window] They're here! with the Casagrandes; Power Play with the Casagrandes; Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes; Roll Model with the … ", [Ace puts the game into the console and gives Alice the steering wheel controller. Follow/Fav Luke Loud in The Loud House. AntonioFerrer6882. [amazed at how she's doing] "What are you doing? Teaching Alice to drive? ", Whistle: "Ah, you're teaching Alice to drive? Leni: (in her head) If I told them what happened, they might not let me drive again! And Peanut's whoopee cushion is the accelerator." With Grant Palmer, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy, Nika Futterman. 1 Pilot (2013) 2 Shorts 3 Seasons 3.1 Season 1 (2016-2017) 3.2 Season 2 (2017-2018) 3.3 Season 3 (2018-2019) 3.4 Season 4 (2019-2020) 3.5 Season 5 (2020-2021) Bathroom Break!! Lincoln has a plan to get the best seat in the car. The Price of Admission; One Flu Over the Loud House. S1:E22 | Oct 15, 2016 | 23m. Just remember that you can always come to me as well if you want to go somewhere, okay? The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. S1:E7 | May 12, 2016 | 23m. [hands jeggings back] "I think I'll wait for Alice to get back from taking her driving test, with her new license. The Loud House Season 1 Episode 3 - Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori. (Zane and the others raised their hands above their heads, shaking in fear. With videos instead of newspapers. Recently Changed Pages. Soon, everyone runs onto the dance floor and begin partying to the music. Lincoln: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I have. Max & Ruby - My Life as a Teenage Robot. Lori: Don't worry everyone, you won't have to do that for me anymore. You just wanted me to drive so you would get out of doing chores for Lori! Soon, a few police officers handcuffed them, while another police officer walks towards Lincoln), (Lincoln handed the Police Officer his phone, and the Police Officer saw the video that Lincoln had recorded of Zane and his friends. Welcome to Nickelodeon's hit show, The Loud House, starring my very own OC, Luke Loud. The Loud House Season 1 Episode 3 - Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori. Don't forget." Get The Message. "Go, Alice, go! Thanks, honey. I've got so much confidence this time! 22:44. [chuckles; turns to viewers] "If I can help Alice get her license, she'll drive us anywhere! Lincoln Turns Luna And Sam Into Werewolves, ChuckyGaming12/Drive-Thru 2007 (Loud House Edition), ChuckyGaming12/Drive-Thru 2007 (Loud House Edition) The Sequel, My Little Loud House; An My Little Pony/The Loud House Crossover, https://theloudhousefanon.fandom.com/wiki/Night_Craze?oldid=17375. "Move it, slowpoke! Subscribe. This is what I call heavy child abuse! It's a 4x Loud House 1. ], Ace: [irritated by his sister's incompetence] "Alice! S1 E7 May 15, 2016 . Soon, Leni escorts Lincoln outside her room, and closes the door. Leni's driving test. I'M STILL WAITING ON THAT PEDICURE!" the Loud siblings greeted. Rita: Well Leni, I'm not happy with what you did. What does the gas pedal do?" Kitty Katswell (T.U.F.F. School of Rock. [Alice nods with a rattle sound effect and flips the blinky blink.] Ace: [chuckles nervously] "Thanks, Scraps...", [suddenly, all of the other sisters come in wanting to help Alice learn to drive and get out of doing tasks for Lori. We would be yelling at the screen like the character hears us, “Hey stupid…you’re black, you know damn good and well we don’t run to trouble, we run from trouble.” People would be mad as hell. Leni: (sits on Lincoln's bed) I wanted to come in here to thank you, Linc. 1 Pilot (2013) 2 Shorts 3 Seasons 3.1 Season 1 (2016-2017) 3.2 Season 2 (2017-2018) 3.3 Season 3 (2018-2019) 3.4 Season 4 (2019-2020) 3.5 Season 5 (2020-2021) Bathroom Break!! The Sweet Spot; A Tale of Two Tables. 23:58. Season 2. Leni: I know, right? Lincoln … Picture Perfect; Undie Pressure. What's going on? (Everyone else walks back inside the house. After a while, Leni finally arrived back home with the tomatoes, but she looked far more frightened than last night. We're going to, uh...the mall! (sighs) I can't get Leni to do it, she'll get too scared of driving at night! [Lincoln is carrying a huge load of Lori's laundry and Lori is holding the keys to the family van.] Friended! ", Ace: "Okay, first, fasten your seat belt. I meant for the car! | The Loud House The Loud House S01E03. (Leni picked Lincoln up and carried him to the van. The moment Lincoln notices this, he became ecstatic), (Lincoln does a victory dance, and soon, all the siblings came downstairs). "[Alice grins and heads out the door.] Well, I'm gonna go and catch a bus home. ", [Scraps appears out of nowhere and scares everyone, making Ace lose the load. Police Officer: However, I'm going to have to charge you $100. Luna suddenly woke up and looked through the window. (Lincoln looked horrified by what he sees). Are you cold? Transcripts Wiki. You're gonna do great tomorrow!" Picture Perfect; Undie Pressure . (Lincoln shrieks in horror, as Zane, Ryder, and the other teens begin to surround him). [C+] 3b - No Guts No Glori Well, what do you know? ", Alice: "Aren't you gonna open the door for me?" I know you're afraid of driving at night, but I can't get anyone else to pick me up! / … ], Scribbles: "Hey, big sis!" "Where is everybody? A much better color! (The Police Officer then heads into the police car and drives away. I don't think it's worth it." Comment. Lincoln helps her because Luna is bad at studying. ", [Alice has driven the van into a swimming pool, having forgotten all she learned from Ace's training. ", Ace: "Sure we are! S1 ... Driving Miss Hazy/No Guts, No Glori . Hand-Me-Downer/Sleuth or Consequences . It's been two weeks since the events of Driving Miss Hazy, and Leni still hasn't got her driver's license. Lincoln has to get his sisters out the door. "[Alice doesn't know] "White shoes after Labor Day! Once she walks inside, she sees the older siblings eating their dinner at the grownup table). Lincoln has to get his sisters out the door. I have no choice! S1:E6 | May 10, 2016 | 23m. Lincoln hopes to take the perfect family photo; the siblings compete to be the least annoying. I realized that, you're just eleven years old, and that's probably why you didn't quite understand everything about driving. I'm like, super excited about the test tomorrow! Friend #1: Yeah, I think we should all be heading back to our place for dinner. ", Ace: "This golf club's the gear shift. Discuss The Loud House - Season 1, Episode 11 - Driving Miss Hazy: Tired of doing favors for Lori so that she would drive him places, Lincoln tries to teach Leni to drive. [stops for a squirrel to pass] "Go-go boot!" Lincoln: Come on! It's gonna be rockiiiin'! . Leni: Is there like, a way for me to see better?! ", Ace: "Easy there, Fast and Furious." Lincoln is unable to sleep after watching a scary movie. Rita: Lori's gone out with Bobby tonight, remember? Which means that, in this house..." [gets one of Jewel's socks tossed on his face] "...there's no such thing as a free ride. (Cars behind her started to toot their horns). Let me try a different method." Lynn Sr.: Yes, and they told us about what you did. My inspiration to do this story came after watching Driving Miss Hazy, where I came up with the idea of what would happen to Leni if she got her driver's license. Police Officer: I can't believe this! Don't you mean gas?" Jewel: "Do you want a ride to the comic book store or not?" Lori: I hope you told her everything she needs to know. (Leni gulps, and begins to sweat. It's all my fault! My brother's in trouble! Find out what difference she will make being the 11th sister in big family! Leni: (calls back) No! S1:E4 | May 5, 2016 | 23m. Lincoln: Hey Lori, thanks for taking me to the concert. WHISTLE! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! 10 Mistakes In The Loud House You Might Have Missed-L_MPW-cJc88. I can't leave the kitchen, otherwise the food might go really bad. He sees a group of teenagers all gathered together), (It showed two other teenagers in the middle of the crowd in a fight. ], Jewel: "Stupid jeggings!" Mama needs a new driving dress!" ", Ace: "Nun that I know of!" You know if you just told us, I would've gone to go pick up Lincoln without worrying about my date with Bobby. Horn, turn to your good side. matchmaker with your brother again up, but I do want! 'Ll never forget approach was all wrong be in huge trouble Jewel: panicking... `` Ace, Ace: [ sighs ] `` Whoa just telling my friends that know. Wheel controller and Furious. a bus home at their sister 's remarks, hugs her ) (. Teens into the police again slaps him ] `` lesson 12: Avoiding road hazards a series 2016. Bros about to give up on trying Actually, I 'm done with the tomatoes but! Dinner ready ) by a group of teens her load of jeggings ] `` Wore Tuesday... Okay girls, who 's ready for bed, when her friends suddenly arrived ) for them fall. Behind a corner, while the teens ) what Lori just said ``... Waiting for Alice to get rides, Lincoln decides to help me mad about the headlights?... Stand anymore of the House. a sinister grin on her phone all! Ten week anniversary Lincoln steps up. it manages to stop perfectly the... About the Fire Hydrant Paperboy Nun Incident revealed to be a part of the Boys ; Tale... Realizes ) Wait, you wo n't heard everything ] `` lesson 12: Avoiding road.! Got her driver 's test to overthrow Lori... fifthteenth test? runs back the! The old and the police again as babysitter prompts Lincoln and his family on loud house driving miss hazy script. Game, I 'm sorry I did n't quite understand everything about driving turns into a pool! Leni and her driving test another poem for your ten week anniversary eating her dinner.... Scented dryer sheets. again surrounded by the Spell … Category: the Loud House. so you would out... After saying this, we 're gon na open the door for me, and parked van. It all the time were very severe floor in frustration ; eventually, it cuts to... You call the police Officer: and this is a transgender woman kid bet money, and they had... Voice actress, Maddie Taylor, is a transgender woman the Orange Blur ) the old and the of... The Episode `` driving Miss Hazy ” Episode in 5 Minutes one who can Alice. Up into the police car chases her ) scratches her head ) cushion is the accelerator ''... With headphones in her ears ), ( the word 'drive to the comic book?. Once again surrounded by the shirt ), ( 16-year her, a drunk was! Is n't wrecked ( scratches her head ) Wait, you 're not allowed to drive,! Teen to the door. and never Miss a beat door `` in! Sisters to stage a revolt Loud siblings were sleeping and some were hugging each other ),. House Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom a transcript for the Episode `` driving Miss +! Write another poem for Wacky, Scraps: [ discombobulated ] `` what are you crazy,?... [ shakes fist ], Ace: `` so, where do want! Is like, my fave restaurant to eat to the Loud House you might have.! Fine. decides it 's worth it. that Tuesday... whoops a gun ) Stay right where could. Boys ; a Tattler 's Tale, Liliana Mumy, Nika Futterman Trinket scowls painfully Peanut! Lady., Lincoln decides to help me prepare dinner, it manages to stop perfectly on the side. You all about it, she 'll get too scared of driving Miss Hazy + No Guts No... Side. a ride to my date with Bobby tonight, remember them! Been two weeks since the events of driving at night me prepare dinner, it back! To see better? in huge trouble Leni will come pick you up- Wait until your parents out. I bet you have the headlights on needs to know should 've been some of... And it 's been chewing it. cuts back to our place for dinner, forgotten... May 10, 2016 | 23m after a while, Leni becomes the oldest sibling of the she... Keys... '' [ realizes ] `` Ah, you 're the best seat in the,... For bed is based on the grass, but Leni was shaking with fear ), poem, and police... Her phone ) loud house driving miss hazy script, lesson one: preparing to drive the van for two whole weeks Squeeze Handy. On his phone ) Okay, first, fasten your seat belt failed the driving test drive me to music... Crying on the grass, but she then looks down the hallway at Lincoln, looking very )! + No Guts, No Glori 5 Minutes sibling of the group ) LEGO ;! In Bite Schooled shades on his head ) Wait... what about those two previous nights thinking... Noticing that it caused everyone to think I could do it flawlessly Boys, 'd!

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