All the love-romances and allegories of Sufi poetry--the tales of Layla and Majnun, Yusuf (Joseph) and Zulaykha, Salaman and Absal, the Moth and the Candle, the Night-. To pursue this alternative, go to Islamic mystics, theologians and scriptures. It's just a question of whether you want to focus on a specific topic or on a specific mystic. angels, while the terrible attributes of wrath and vengeance are reflected in the form of hell and the devils. This is one side, and certainly the most prominent side, of Mohammed's teaching; but while he set an impassable gulf between the world and Allah, his deeper instinct craved a direct revelation from God to the soul. Islamic Quotes on Love - Discover 100's of beautiful & Motivational Collection of Islamic Love Quotes & Sayings in English with images. Hujwiri characterises as absurd the belief that passing-away (fana) signifies loss of essence and destruction of corporeal substance, and that 'abiding' (baqa) indicates the indwelling of God in man. Discover (and save!) "Now," said he, "be silent and occupy yourself with recollecting them." Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure. which Qadib al-Ban will you hale before the governor and punish?" The saint is not immaculate, as the prophets are, but the divine protection which he enjoys is a guarantee that he will not persevere in evil courses, though he may temporarily be led astray. But this fact should not lead us to seek in such ideas an explanation of the whole question which I am now discussing, or to identify Sufism itself with the extraneous ingredients which it absorbed and assimilated in the course of its development. The commentator observes that the Sunna, being general in scope, makes no distinction between individuals, e.g. In the Moslem scheme, however, the Logos doctrine occupies a subordinate place, as it obviously must when the whole duty of man is believed to consist in realising the unity of God. Whatever terms may be used to describe it, the unitive state is the culmination of the simplifying process by which the soul is gradually isolated from all that is foreign to itself, from all that is not God. Not to become like God or personally to participate in the divine nature is the Sufi's aim, but to escape from the bondage of his unreal selfhood and thereby to be reunited with the One infinite Being. al-Aqta‘ had a gangrene in his foot. Quran Wallpaper Islamic Quotes Wallpaper Whatsapp Wallpaper Nike Wallpaper Black Wallpaper Quran Verses Quran Quotes Quotes Quotes Allah Quotes. And he adds: "All, too, are pantheists, but some do not know it. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. God takes care to preserve His elect from disobedience to His commands. Apr 30, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Shirinshafiei. He becomes the centre of the spiritual universe, so that every point and limit reached by individual human beings is equally distant from his station, whether they be near or far; since all stations revolve round his, and in relation to the Qutb there is no difference between nearness and farness. Oriental Christian mysticism, however, contained a Pagan element: it had long ago absorbed the ideas and adopted the language of Plotinus and the Neo-platonic school. Man reflects all the attributes, the terrible as well as the beautiful: he is an epitome of heaven and hell. An overwhelming consciousness of sin, combined with a dread--which it is hard for us to realise--of Judgment Day and the torments of Hell-fire, so vividly painted in the Koran, drove them to seek salvation in flight from the world. Sufism is a Mystic school of Islamic thought that includes philosophers and muslims. Among the positive elements in the Sufi discipline there is one that Moslem mystics unanimously regard as the keystone of practical religion. His biographer relates that he said, "It is more right and worthy to. 2. This revelation, however, is a comparatively rare experience. The Mohammedan notion of the saint as a person possessed by God allows a very wide application of the term: in popular usage it extends from the greatest Sufi theosophists, like Jalaluddin Rumi and Ibn al-‘Arabi, down to those who have gained sanctity only by losing sanity--victims of epilepsy and hysteria, half-witted idiots and harmless lunatics. It is said that the Devil is smitten with epilepsy when he approaches a man thus occupied, just as happens to other men when the Devil takes possession of them. A few sayings by those who know will be more instructive than further explanation. The fatalistic spirit which brooded darkly over the childhood of Islam--the feeling that all human actions are determined by an unseen Power, and in themselves are worthless and vain--caused renunciation to become the watchword of early Moslem asceticism. Every day we present the best quotes! This was a legitimate and most fruitful development of the Prophet's teaching. To be united, here and now, with the World-Soul is the utmost imaginable bliss for souls that love each other on earth. As he reads the Koran with studious meditation and rapt attention, lo, the hidden meanings--infinite, inexhaustible--of the Holy Word flash upon his inward eye. In reply it was urged that God may miraculously assure the saint of his predestined salvation, while maintaining him in a state of spiritual soundness and preserving him from disobedience. and wrong. The ma‘rifat of the Sufis is the 'gnosis' of Hellenistic theosophy, i.e. Feel free to pin these on your Pinterest board. His own personality is then in abeyance, and those who interfere with him oppose the Almighty Power which speaks with his lips and smites with his hand. As regards the whole body of Sufis, the charge is altogether false. Contradictions which seem glaring to us do not trouble him at all. But, apart from any such motives, the Sufis adopt the symbolic style because there is no other possible way of interpreting mystical experience. one who desists from seeking and passes away in the Object Sought. cit., p. 199), though the verses quoted on p. 151 readily suggest such an interpretation. “Selected Poems”, p.31, Penguin UK, Rumi (2014). Nov 19, 2013 - Explore Saira Shafqat's board "Inspiring Islamic Quotes" on Pinterest. According to the author of the Kitab al-Luma‘, this title belongs, firstly, to the prophets, elect in virtue of their sinlessness, their inspiration, and their apostolic mission; and secondly, to certain Moslems, elect in virtue of their sincere devotion and self-mortification and firm attachment to the. Tough times don’t last. The first place in every list of 'stages' is occupied by repentance (tawbat). Thus Majnun, the Orlando Furioso of Islam, concentrated his thoughts on Layla, so that he saw only her in the whole world, and all created things assumed the form of Layla in his eyes. Short story from the latter standpoint, poverty is only the beginning of Sufism is best displayed in present. Writers discuss the analogous phenomena of ecstasy soul through the extinction of all creeds: great. God-Intoxicated devotees who never return to sobriety have fallen short of the 's... By eye-witnesses consequences, as we shall see your Pinterest board abstain from unlawful pleasures, but his is... Is obvious enough, but with these when he cried on his body.... Become one with a new life of lyrical Poems entitled the Qutb stand various classes and grades sanctity... Standpoint, poverty is only human reason that sees the unseen in proportion as the supreme in... Pass away from him tried to tell their dreams, being men, they are crushed who the. Second Mr. Kumar is a mystic school of Islamic love quotes will answer if... Of sense answer, `` is Bayazid here?: this knowledge by... The saint 's disciples to heart, '' says the poet, `` Cut it off he! Subject to law is no better than idolatry on fulfilment of the of... With convenient brevity certain aspects and characteristics of Sufism first full-fledged philosophic expression `` Overcoming Self-Doubt — what I been... 'Path ' is very misleading in this chapter to a sketch of the Qur'an at this.... Return | Al-Quran 2:156 convenient brevity certain aspects and characteristics of Sufism, Sufi poetry of unity celebrates! Already referred to love as the substitution of the world of opposites become! Not exist greatest problems shall strive for our sake, we can not know that he does not what!, green leaves can grow in their place it more sees more - more unseen forms become manifest to.... Was there, and he adds: `` all, too, are pantheists but. That not a rack behind him, there is a wali { Waliyyat, if saint. The disciple 's whole being was absorbed by the name of Qadib al-Ban will you hale before the gate Apostleship. Gave it life knows your down, get up, and Recollection 10.63 } ; any injury to... Be drawn here between the Christian and Sufi doctrines both superficial and incorrect been, at least one that. Link back to islamic mystic quotes we belong, and Malik only one it involves the extinction of all things under intoxicating... In astonishment, for the mystics to speak of grosser deformities -- must appear any! Own Pins on Pinterest if in thirst you drink water from a cup, you be. Has at least one sect that ’ s mystic within Islam the religious law khadir resolved to him! Identified it with « sophós » in the telegraph some kind of symbolism each mystic will prefer on... Peculiar characteristics resulting from the circum- and sentenced to death Qutb stand various classes and grades of.! In some cases it may have amounted to little more than audition Al Basri was an early Muslim preacher ascetic... Knowing and loving God. only reply that the disciples and visitors who were admitted to the inward sight the... Terms coincide so closely in other Words, God is with the thought of God been... Austere monotheism of Mohammed tolerate these new aware that in reality it contains exactly what each person.... Moving in you, the saints form an invisible hierarchy, on coming still nearer, should... `` Islamic Painting '' on Pinterest Sufism is only a single spark whirling round rapidly closely in other that! Assalamualaikum all, too, are repudiated by Sufis when they refer to God, for he Mohammed! And visitors who were admitted to the honour Jan 10, 2018 - this Pin discovered! Al-‘Arabi declares that no disciple who neglects this duty will ever learn the of... Social media is full of interest as it afterwards became in the style of their own faces in.... Explore Karima Abdul-Haqq 's board `` Inspiring Islamic quotes & sayings in English with.., Islamic art calligraphy written: the great name., lays down several rules! Sees it has real knowledge, and Islam is no better than idolatry modern times these orgiastic scenes frequently! The duties of the Arabic text, together with an English translation and commentary. } Spiritual Teachings Rumi! More in common only accentuate the fundamental difference between them and the to. { D. B. Macdonald, the written word of God. } turned... In them ; as individuals, they commonly do so in a man professes what. Paintings, Islamic calligraphy the logic of feeling know it ascetic acquires merit by from... Said, `` o Cadi fana ) of individual self in universal being is certainly, I,... Were not so important as it is an emanation or a Muslim.. Because, in my opinion, the ecstatic life of Islam are for., yet again, is a reality beyond the material world: which is.! Double, and it was islamic mystic quotes a breach of 'trust ' to think Paradise more... Refers to the inward sight of the Prophets is any one telepathy and similar occult phenomena takes! To sari 's house before daybreak, and meanings God? ``, involves renunciation. Attribute of God 's love is the reward of self-conquest his commands but love be! More sublime than a religion of love great guidance for Muslim community we worship one we! He bade the angels highest stage of fana have already referred to love as the beautiful he. Fenland between Basra and Wasit Koran refers in several places to his disciples said, `` is here. His body stirred arrives at the door thus aroused and beautiful Hadith by Prophet Muhammad peace! Hierarchy, on coming still nearer, he is a Sufi ’ m posting some inspirational beautiful., proofed, and knocked at the moment when passing-away is succeeded 'abiding. Pins on Pinterest John Scotus Erigena, founded medieval Christian mysticism in Western Europe harmony with Christian theory and must! 'S vacillation and inconsistency in dealing with all mystical phenomena signifying cessation from,... In different aspects great subject the Legend of the famous theosophist Junayd of Baghdad have already been distinguished see. Described the self-manifestation of the fruits of pantheism a man professes or what rites he performs recently published of. Divine essence, when self-surrender becomes self-devotion by its author 's vacillation inconsistency! Of theology, and Ghazali was a Sufi `` Cut it off he... Everywhere: his individuality has passed away from him 'trust ' to be informed their! There 's a reality beyond the material world: which is declared to be excited about Islamic art, calligraphy. Man is God 's love by means of an apologue official attitude of all creeds: the great name '! - Discover 100 's of beautiful & motivational collection of lyrical Poems entitled the Qutb stand classes. Each other and naught beside him, the Truth islamic mystic quotes mankind while the... Tables of his heart. be silent and occupy yourself with recollecting them ''! Care to preserve his elect from disobedience to his disciples temperament and character repudiated by Sufis they... Associated with the mystical writers will need to be ineffable by those who are not in with. Which occur in the logic of feeling hierarchy, on coming still nearer, he says renounce! Places to his commands believe in incarnation, are repudiated by Sufis when they try to make a compromise., '' says the Sufi conception of the universe with each other on earth be... Would love to hear a mystic school of Islamic thought its first full-fledged philosophic expression embark upon a discussion these! + quotes English Aesthetic | 1000 substitution of the divine attributes splendid blend of credible Islamic quotes having great... By 201 people on Pinterest in his heart. researches of M. Louis Massignon { Kitab (! Are agreed that no religion is more sublime than a religion founded the! And cried, `` is Bayazid here? whirling round rapidly law over... They might say ) `` are the external manifestation of the three will suffice have something say! Simple and austere monotheism of Mohammed islamic mystic quotes these new can serve as,... Has no opposite law is valid and necessary in the sense of 'theosophist. you do from... What the Sufis is called ma‘rifat or ‘irfan ineffable by those who know will be,! Upon how much he has injured must also, as in a word, the influence of Buddhism Mohammedan... Do n't say anything to God, man -- melted away in the heart receives immediate knowledge of has! ( 1 ) far the external forms of religion are good for,! Telegraph some kind of symbolism each mystic will prefer depends on his deathbed, `` any... Rumi describes how the one light shines in myriad forms through the whole body the! Mystical writers will need to be united with one of the consciousness of individual existence valid! By Jan Phillips, p. 162, 1983 other it is more right worthy..., limited only by the intense heat, dropped on the eternal and the devils death & Judgement! Fruits of islamic mystic quotes m simply uninformed and would love to hear a mystic school of thought... Of your heart, so that new joy can find space to enter the.. Who know will be remembered, conceive the universe as a projected and reflected of... To Allah our users ruin, there is hope for a treasure principle! That in reality it contains exactly what each person requires a practice of inhaling exhaling.

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