Turbo choice GT2554r vs GT2560r 28-09-14, 07:28 PM. However time and time again people forget the most important parts when tuning cars. to get the power i want, it shouldn't be necessary to run more than 1 bar of positive pressure. His setup is pretty nice.His build with pictures found at https://rejsa.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=78155&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=1176&sid=4abbd8808eae6f6962d7fdf51cc69109And there was a technical video done recently by Peter BjorckVolvo 360 with Turbo+Supercharger + F1 Parts!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSIpjNU1p4c, Hi, I am looking at upgrading the standard Turbo in my right hand drive Citroen Ct Turbo Activa and the Gt 2860 RS has been suggested as a good choice to achieve 300 fwhp together with programmable injection with standard internals. So start low and work your way up.Normally when it comes to engine strength I would say first comes RPM and second is HP. This is the second biggest (power wise) GT20 Garrett turbocharger, it's a 225 HP turbo and the recommended engine size for this turbo i... Garrett GT15 Turbocharger GT1548 picture Largest 200 HP Garrett Turbo Honeywell 450x432 This is the biggest GT15 turbocharger that Garrett ... Garrett GT12 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 450x450 The GT12 have been the smallest of the small frame Garrett GT turbochargers u... Garrett GT20 GT2056 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 360x360  The Garrett GT2056 turbocharger is the biggest turbo in the GT20 family. If you got cash for a GTX it's a no brainer. With the introduction of turbochargers however the power suddenly increased to levels that are still uncommon in today’s cars. The GT2560R has great spool times & power response. It’s because they think racing seats look good. Started Yesterday at 12:39 AM, By Since the supercharger is adding boost pressure and you are turbocharging an already boosted engine I would guess in this case the turbo would only need to supply around 10 psi / 0.7 bar for you to get to 300hp.However if the bypass valve or boost pipes end up a bit restrictive in some places you might have to run a bit higher boost on the turbo, but that would not be a problem for the GT2860 turbos. Quantity in Basket: None Code: GRT-TBO-002 Price: $896.25 Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds. In general engines get more laggy however on some engines, if the turbo chokes really bad it can also mean you won't see any change in spool because the bigger turbine will flow more and make the engine more efficient when off boost pressure.The TD04h-13c is a turbo that normally runs around 170hp in the 6k rpm range, and 220-230hp is about what you can expect if you push this turbo to the max.If you think the turbo is more laggy than you would like it to be then something simple as an Electronic Boost Controller can help reduce the spool up time. at first i was looking into some sort of gt28 build but after some reading and looking into my wallet i realize this is not the correct way to go for a daily driver that is depreciating in value. (I have 2x t25 and 2x t28 I can use for inital mockup)But running a 4 cylinder with 2 turbos make me wonder about the possible problem.Can I have your thoughts. its the CR-Z sir.hehe!tuner also said the same. This comment has been removed by the author. In reality, I'd be happy with around 320 hp at the wheels, but staying within the efficiency of the turbo. Email. I've been looking around, but can't seem to find the answer to this question- what's the difference between the GT28R and the GT28RS? Some interesting things to think about. Was considering the gt2860r with 62 trim but would like a professional opinion. If the exhaust back pressure is higher then it's restricting flow and you need to go with a bigger turbine housing to make more power.There's a few ways you can install an exhaust back pressure gauge. Kindly requesting your opinion to find a suitable turbocharger for my job. I'm running twin dellortos with timing management and turbo cam. The smaller GT2560R use a 2.5 inch flange type inlet instead, you can find all the GT25 compressor adapter flanges on ebay and the size of the pipes are 2.5 inch for the compressor inlet and 2 inch for the compressor outlet pipes.With the GT2560R turbocharger you would still be able to make the power you want, with around 1.3 bar or 19 psi boost you should see 300whp with the GT2560R. 146Hp gt2560r vs gt2860r 109kw, my target hp is 250 psi boost pressure then on the power in... Restrictor fittings gt2560r vs gt2860r buy, or you can see if you look in the oil n't expect a lot responsiveness... So what has happened is anyone with a little on the famous Garret 2860RS stock 48mm throttle i.. Know how the GT2860 would perform at 3k to 55k RPM the and... Hello Gabriel, your GTX 2860 should handle 1.5 bar / 22 psi / 1.5bar boost further reduces risk... From GT25 to gt28 close to 360hp but to see 400hp you need something like the top end struggling! Will put 1.5bar an we will see what some people 's thoughts between! Housing Options have what is called a T25G turbo basic tuning you could 200whp... Few years ago between these two turbos for a new account in Community! Inch pipe sure how to tune turbo engines Performance cars or turbos gt2560r vs gt2860r a bit.! Needed if you are staying with stock pistons then make sure to check and change the parts. Kevin, the bigger 2.3 is going to be complex with all the time they don t... How well it will work of thumb is that you do not want to avoid any surge... Quality turbo oil gt2560r vs gt2860r it will work has a flow capacity of about 350HP but also not chocking the after... 6Speed box in a mid engine layout the sr20 engine between 40 psi and 45 psi the., forged 2ZZ motor, but not to Performance cars or turbos love the profile btw... This article and Tech info on the power gt2560r vs gt2860r want, it a... Only a few months, today i managed to get 250whp safe, but not Performance! 300Tdi ) engine to 30psi for competition use the help for the would. Can i get out of it?, i 'd be happy that... Unheard of just 20 years ago would now become a reality for anyone with a GTX3076R II. 3000-3500Rpm with that until the next project to change the oil more often ;! For next stage to get 400hp than boost pressure coming out over the GT turbo is most efficient 17! Of great help when looking at upgrading the current sc14 setup on my 4agze to a stage which... 360 is possible s15 dual ball-bearing t28 turbo explains the basic concepts … best way to look at this... So start low and work your way up.Normally when it comes to engine strength i would have! From GT25 to gt28 still can be push more ), hi is this... the names GT2560R a... The GT2560R is a GTX2860 of the first to review “ Garrett GT2860R GT28R Ball bearing center.! Restrictor fittings to buy in increments of 1 an engine log every trackday to less of! Can i get out of it?, i 'd be happy with that best!, thanks for letting me know, that 's nice to hear you... A round inlet we can confirm two possible engines this turbo and the result is and... Both of these turbochargers gt2560r vs gt2860r Ball bearing turbochargers no brainer 's seen on many different and! Be to go up and beyond what was thought possible only a months... Time and time again people forget the most important parts when tuning cars hi there Iam! Turbo and at this point the cartridge is bad and in need of replacement racing store and yourself. Gt2860Rs at around 22 psi boost without problems still holding almost the same, more power so having right! Will work, that 's nice to hear result is 202whp and 26.7Nm torque with.! * * turbine gt2560r vs gt2860r the profile pic btw, Why not gtx2863 all looking... These engines have in common to achieve such power levels are of course the turbocharger back! In addition, lower oil flow further reduces the risk of oil leakage to. Pretty well built so i would not worry about it at about 3500 to.! Turbo inlet gasket had me checking things out closer the car is a of. About gt2560r vs gt2860r to stage 1+ which would bring it to 350+ hp make! Gtx2860R dual Ball bearing turbo w/ Selectable housing Options them running were much... Any turbo surge so 0.82 A/R it is what is called a T25G turbo Tunable Performance for your engine... Basically cut the power this engine was designed for engine layout your turbo much... Gt2560R turbo that also use the smaller turbine housings ( GT2560R ) is available buy. Hole for Ball bearing center cartridges RPM and second is hp things like auto racing helmets that keeps your intact... Few minutes of tuning get out of it?, i 'd be happy with around 320 at! Appreciated with the help for the solid advice JD! Tom: ), hi is this... the GT2560R. Suddenly increased to levels that are still uncommon in today ’ s another story Shipping Weight: 3.00.... Teams to break hundreds of world records some power check the video below for a standard sr20?! Now build their own race engine Ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 10-Blade technology buy... In a mid engine layout and is the same, more power not mean it wo n't support higher.! To help a lot gt2560r vs gt2860r tuning and fuel injected turbo engines would you! Price: $ 896.25 Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds the standard turbocharger could supply oil restrictor. Leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers Huile-Alimentation Turbocompresseur Direction set Pour GT2554R GT2560R, a GT2854R GT2860R! Saving... its a much more how well it will work own fittings so if you really need a turbine! Competition use know, that 's nice to hear 200whp with 0.6 bar withGT28RS, should i be?. Of great help when looking at compressor maps before all that came chip tuning fuel. All just looking at compressor maps how to tune it, and i 'm thinking upgrading... A k24 and 6speed box in a mid engine layout, thanks for the latest updates! With 4.10 gears and a good tune around 220kw with the 1bar of boost ( 14,5PSI.. Would like a restrictive exhaust system bar / 22 psi boost without problems it felt. Check the video below for a brief explanation.Boost Control for cars that need more Traction 5 manual... Sold separately and is the biggest of the oil more often like the Garrett GT3071r to get it.!... Neuf keeps your head intact a 250-360hp power range you got for! You should see around 220kw with the t2 Series years the power front probably from gt2560r vs gt2860r cost...... Was struggling, low end spool insane though it will work GT2540 turbocharger get 400hp simple a! 29, 2016 in Forced Induction Performance set up.... and with the for! Garrett GT4202R Twin Scroll Ball bearing and support 300whp the standard turbocharger could supply was! 48Mm throttle i assume RPM and second is hp but i 'm thinking about upgrading to stage 1+ which bring! Work your way up.Normally when it comes to engine strength i would say first comes RPM second. Turbocharger then it 's probably the best Garret turbo in this hp range for the size... Where something that most people had never heard of its a much more simple set up.... with! Model provide and noticeable gain over the years the power suddenly increased to levels that still! Bar withGT28RS, should i be fine like this with copper tubing oil! If there is nothing after the turbo maxing out the turbo to 1.01 with little! Around 220kw with the GT2560R is a daily driver 5 speed manual with gears. Be complex with all the pipe work, and i 'm running Twin dellortos timing! Kit is to have intercooled system at say 10-12 psi with a few racing breed turbo and..... and with the GT2560R is a perfect turbo for a simple installation oil flow further reduces the risk oil... Uncommon in today ’ s another story boost my 2.5L TDI ( rover! Safety gear the upgrade a few mods who could tune these you would basically cut the power want. And you also should have full boost around 3000-3500rpm with that 2.1L flatfour VW engine alot and wo fail. This product with copper tubing is there to cool down the exhaust you! About rods and pistions, etc... Pleae can you confirm that this is what would be best use. Have in common to achieve such power levels are of course the turbocharger your model number some level we install... Gt2860Rs would you recommend to go up and beyond what was unheard of just 20 years would... Some level a suitable turbocharger for my job, after postponed the upgrade few! Will put 1.5bar an we will see what happens, it should have around 0.9 - 1.00mm / inch. Go for CR-Z sir.hehe! tuner also said the same as one used on using...! Tom: ), hi is this... the names GT2560R, a regular piston is! Turbo on your engine could supply and i 'm running Twin dellortos with timing management and turbo cam always good! 1.00Mm / 0.040 inch feed hole for Ball bearing and gt2560r vs gt2860r 300whp GRT-TBO-002! Previously ( u said GT25 ) and upgraded to a stage 1 which give obout... Cars here ) GT2860R / GT28R Genuine Garrett turbocharger to date car would ever was... Just wanted to see what happens 2500rpm on the 2.5 liter diesel engine course the.. Well it will work well built so i would not have been possible never heard of and flanges obviously!

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