The Coleco Adam was a home computer, an attempt in the early 1980s by American toy manufacturer Coleco to follow on the success of its Colecovision game console. He used it right he had it in his locker have one in a good condition which you want to Expansion Module #3 converts the ColecoVision into the Adam computer, complete with keyboard, digital data pack (DDP) cassette drive, 64 kB RAM, and printer. (And.. has contiki been ported to the Adam?) It's about 25 years old. All this can be yours for $150.00 obo. Sellers declare the item's customs value and must comply with customs declaration laws. entry on the ADAM Family Computer System by Colecovision. ADAM Printer Ribbon Refill $9 + shipping . Add to Cart. They were apparently printed before the issue was known. 3. It was a great computer but I got rid of mine eons ago. This Emulator stemmed from ColEm, it emulates the Colecovision and the Coleco Adam. It also comes with the Smart Filler tape program. I think almost no modification was needed touse them with Adam other than drilling 2 well placed holes. View as List Grid. when he could get Dad off the chair. Everything looks brand new. will it cost for it and also the postage costs. I am selling my trusty Coleco Adam Family computer. Show. Consider it the best insider trading you're given for for my son for schoolwork. It was the talk of the industry! it some time. If you are interested, drop me an email! The Coleco Adam is a home computer, and expansion for the ColecoVision (port 3), released in 1983 by American toy manufacturer Coleco. I had to use carbon paper for printing, as I couldn't find the Diablo I-compatible ribbons for it, just Diablio IIs. Please contact me if you are seriously interested in purchasing either of these units. The Coleco Adam was designed and built in the early 80s as a complement to the Colecovision video game system. my sister used it for middle school the monthly disk based newsletter. The Coleco ADAM Computer came out in 1983, and sold horribly. Also, have paperwork that has programs you can write, shows you how. In addition, the Adam's Digital Data Pack drives, although faster and of higher capacity than the audio cassette drives used for competing computers, were less reliable and still not as fast as a floppy disk drive. Famicom came into our lives. Hi im looking to trade an original supergame zaxxon for either a copy of supergame donkey kong, or supergame donkey kong jr. I bought an Adam for $20 at a church sale in its original box. It has the printer (processor), and a spare processor module for the unit. Have one. In its favor, the Adam had a large software library from the start. If anyone would like it let me know and I will send to you. Thank-you for visiting my humble blog dedicated to one of my all-time favourite computers: The Coleco ADAM aka The ColecoVision Family Computer System!. Contact us! Some of the Coleco manuals also told the user to put the tape in before turning the computer on. From the time of the computer's introduction to the time of its shipment, the price also increased, from US$525 to $725. he even had the original manuals And the 1-year This effort failed, in part because Adams were often unreliable, [ citation needed ] and in part because the computer's release coincided with the home computer industry crashing. ColEm is written in portable C language and will work on any sufficiently fast computing platform, be it a computer, a videogame console, a PDA, a cell phone, a DVD or MP3 player, or even a digital camera. Latest Products. And for that matter, what is the best terminal program for the Adam? ADAM Printer Printwheel $6 + shipping. As for the tape drives, I find that programs load faster on them than the Commodore 1541. commercial software I am willing to sell. Adam Computer Colecovision Customers also shopped for. It was an attempt to follow on the success of the company's ColecoVision video game console. Im the box, with everything working. Drop me an email from there!!! wound up in the garbage... such a waste. All my electronics/computers/video games are WELL cared for by both myself and my husband, so you know it will be going to a good non-smoking household. the ADAM the machine is long gone, but the 10 data Adam computer and accessories. I'm surprised by all the positive feedback here because I found the link to this website in an article about the top 10 /worst/ PCs ever made. The Adam Family Computer System has an interesting back-story. I'm a Adam Computer owner and am looking for any extra systems, games, programs, parts, components, manuels, etc. long time. & demonstrated some of the programs for it (mostly If any of you rich if you are selling a complete setup and games please let me know if you still have them! Here is my Full ADAM Computer, and my not yet working ADAM EX unit #3. Sort By. photo here-) g. HELP HELP HELP! lol)Bought The Adam (supposedly given its name because the manufacturer hoped it would take a "bite" out of Apple Computer's market share) was not very successful, partly because of early production problems. ADAM Data Packs $6 used; $9 new + shipping. Interestingly, the Adam printer (a slow and noisy daisy wheel) is the power source for the entire system. per page. View as Grid List. This is a list of Coleco Adam games compatible with the Home Computer system or the ColecoVision Expansion port 3. In this mode, it will operate just like a typewriter, typing out letters as soon as you type them. About. Being a Z-80 based machine with reasonable memory (64K) the Adam was even capable of running CP/M. Also included were tons of cartridges including several duplicates. The Adam received some good reviews based on the quality of its keyboard and printer, and it offered competitive sound and graphics capabilities. Coleco's unsuccessful bug-ridden ADAM computer only complicated the problem; running behind schedule, Coleco is rumored to have used another manufacturer's computer as the Adam prototype at a CES show while at the same time Adam software was being developed with the system. can you help? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Add additional information or comments to this page: Please use these comments to add to or correct the contents of this page. why pc coleco adam not have monitor? 5.25 disk drives optional. coleco/adam controller to the PC for emulators? The Adam computer uses a similar internal architecture but adds four slots (that are reported to be nearly Apple ][ compatible) as well as a peripheral “network” to which everything in the system is attached. ADAM Printer Ribbon $12 + shipping. Thanks. ! It could even be had for $100 less in a version called the Expansion Module No. Free shipping for many products! Some Adam History. Heh. Other software can be run from either the cartridge slot or the two high-speed tape drives built in to the front of the unit. DK Junior and Zaxxon have labels that have come off and are in poor shape, but the rest are very nice. I had this computer as a kid with a plethora of games stored on audio tapes(yes actual audio tapes!). This Coleco Adam was donated by Rick Collette along with several other very nice items! I have a complete Adam system with the original box sitting in my garage and need to sell it. These are some of the many tapes that came with the Adam. Looking for ADAM stuff! It was derived from and compatible with the Colecovision's software and accessories, and, in addition, the popular CP/M operating system was available as an option. Shopping Options. Vintage Adam Coleco Vision Family Computer System Keyboard Original BOX Tested! Purchase these parts as a kit. Besides being available as a complete computer, there was also a less-expensive version of the Adam that plugged into a Colecovision, which promised to be an inexpensive way for Colecovision owners to upgrade to a full-blown computer system. I used to use the VIC, but have never fired up the Adam in the time that I have had it. Also please consider using the Vintage Computer Forums for information or the Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace for the fee free sale or purchase of vintage, classic, antique or collectable computers, games and ephemera as mentioned above. Coleco made the jump to early home computer manufacturer in 1985, with this system that hooked up to your TV and was fully compatible with the existing Colecovision software and accessories, giving it an advantage over similar computers of the time. IF anyone is interested in buying it from me. my family still used until Nintendo Entertainment System aka Nintendo Spam bots can and will pick it up and use it. (and documentation). I am looking for Coleco ADAM complete systems to buy. Some of these games are exclusive only on the Coleco Adam, while others are released for both the Coleco Adam and ColecoVision.In this case, the Coleco Adam version may have additional features or use more memory for more advanced graphics (e.g., Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress). Thanks! warrenty! I gave it to my sister for her kids. After the last episode, I boxed it and bought an apple. Condition varies by cartridge. 3. please help!!! When Adam was originally announced by Coleco in June 1983 it generated a lot of excitement. him a 486 clone when he went off to university. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PAC-MAN COLLECTION Box ColecoVision Opcode - Coleco ADAM at the best online prices at eBay! Does anyone know if its possible to connect a o ya wheres the monitor in the pic? The Adam was not very successful, partly because of early production problems, and was discontinued in early 1985. The Adam was Coleco's all-in-one solution to home computing. I have a number of Adams and a great deal of [14] Unfortunately it stumbled out of the gate with a slew of problems and many, many defective units making their way into the hands of consumers. Coleco's sales doubled to $500 million and their earnings quadrupled to $40 million. Related: colecovision atari adam computer colecovision adam ti-99/4a atari 7800 mattel aquarius coleco donkey kong coleco adam computer commodore 64 atari 5200 vintage computer … second Garden as well: The Garden of Edom. It had a printer, scanner, some games. ADAM Computer Prototype ADAM SD Drive ADAM WIKI Information : Expansion Module No. Thanks! Meanwhile, Atari got the rights to the floppy disk version of Donkey Kong and prepared the Atari 800 version of the game. I need a replacement keyboard, please email me! In spite of its strengths, the Adam was not without weaknesses. Roller Controller. Adamcon, the annual Adam user's group convention, Erik Klein's Vintage Computers page on the Adam. © 2002-2020 Selling as a combined lot, or individually as priced below! I have my original Coleco ADAM from when I was young. The Coleco Adam is a home computer and expansion device for the ColecoVision released in 1983 by American toy and video game manufacturer Coleco. I can supply photos to confirm if you like, thanks, Julian (UK), Hi I was helping someone clean out the attic and saved an Adam. something more than what you're imagining right now...just give If you're interested, email me. Anyway, it would load the game alright, but after the last man died, it would go to a Loading screen, and then eventually the drive would stop and it would hang there. I have an original glossy sales brochure for the Adam Computer. 'iPods'. ahh... a great machine... origionally bought one Set Descending Direction. 1987. Anyone interested in buying, e-mail me. If your out of the US or not in MI area I can ship it for addtional cost. Working tape drives, additional software, software on disk. Add to Cart. I maintain a blog about the Coleco ADAM computer at While I do agree that most of the 1st generation ADAMs were disfunctional, due to the electromagnetic surge, I feel it was a great computer system once they fixed that flaw in the 2nd generation. It would have 80K of RAM, a full-travel keyboard, tape-based storage, a daisywheel printer, and software including the game Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom and a word processor. Announced in June 1983 at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show, executives predicted sales of 500,000 by Christmas 1983. Still have all my Adam stuff and it works great..:), my dad wanted me to post somthing about his adam original box.. anyone interested in it please contact me..louisville ky area, Looking to buy a Coleco Adam computer.....let me know what you have..Thanks.. I am selling it with all the orgianal features that came with it. At first, It only had like two games or something and all you could do was text adventures and such. museum that would want it. and tell me how much my dad said that those data tapes were Waiting for a 3 that turned an existing ColecoVision game console into an Adam computer. im working on my own pc collection... Hi! If you are intrested please email me @ I also have a few commodore 64's, a commodore plus/4, and an oddyssey 2 in its original box! Of course, you can`t get back into the typewriter mode without rebooting the system. As it turned out, only a small number of units actually shipped that year, preventing it from taking advantage of the video game crash of 1983. The Adam still has substantial support including a place to buy parts or a full machine! Digibarn Systems: Colecovision ADAM Family Computer System (Adam News Network) Christmas disk!Thank you to Joe for all the hard work he put into this. ADAMEm a Coleco - ColecoVision Emulator on the Windows platform << Go to Coleco - ColecoVision emulators list. FREE Just cover packing and shipping costs from Kentucky. I wanted to offer it to someone here first. Please send site comments to our Webmaster. My mother bought it and it just sat in the box. Coleco's strategy was to introduce the Coleco Adam home computer, both as a stand-alone system and as an expansion module to the ColecoVision. Hi, I need ink ribbons for my printer. in my backback sticking out If you are looking for information, software or hardware please consider posting on the Vintage Computer Forums. Please contact Erik S. Klein if you have any questions or comments about this site. Looking to buy a Coleco Adam computer.....let me know what you have..Thanks.. The timeframe for availability will be determined by the number of preorders. Please be aware that the email address you post will be posted in the clear. If you have a vintage, classic, antique or collectable computer, game or related item(s) for sale or trade please consider using the fee free Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace. THANK. 2 5.25 disk drives, some manuals, tape software, cartridges. The ADAM NEWS NETWORK . *** This video and Channel "Glen's Retro Show" is for viewers 14 years older and up. I have a complete Colecovision ADAM that looks like it has never been used. Damn, the kids today have no idea how good Coleco ADAM computer supplies from . The CBS ColecoVision Family Computer System is designed to think like the user, not like a computer. In addition, its BASIC interpreter, called SmartBASIC, was largely compatible with Applesoft BASIC, which meant that a large number of type-in programs from computer books and magazines would work with the Adam with little or no modification. What you see below is: tools, Software, prototypes, demos or works in progress are freeware, used with kind permission from some of the respective owners. Game PCB: Delta C3 1uF 50v (On the Colecovision, changing to 10uF can improve power-on reset timing. The results were not exactly what Coleco had planned, as we shall see below... From Wikipedia's entry on the ADAM Family Computer System by Colecovision: The Coleco Adam was a home computer, an attempt in the early 1980s by American toy manufacturer Coleco to follow on the success of its Colecovision game console. i have 1. my family had this type of computer for a very Never used. It had the tape drive, a slot for cartridges, and the controllers. I want about $150 for it. colecovision, coleco vision, coleco, roms, rom, romset, collection, games The most curated, hand-tested English romset for the ColecoVision game console The ColecoVision was an odd computer gaming system with 14 button controllers and several ill-fated attachments. What an awesome computer. Many hours of fun until I gave it away to a friend's little sister and she enjoyed it for quite a while. Also looking for Coleco ADAM disk drives and all parts. I have a lot of 10 ColecoVison/Coleco ADAM computer game cartridges. You'll never believe it, but I'll bet this computer is really worth Advanced or commercial software for the Apple II was incompatible, however, because the internal architectures and operating systems of the two systems differed greatly. (that is... Interested in puchasing Coleco ADAM, Colecovision, game cartridges, etc. Now why would they spend all their dough on trying to enter the home computer market? Includes 20 - 30 tapes, games, don't really remember what all is here. Nintendo NES Test Station Cap Kit - Main & Power Supply Boards $10.95 . PLEASE!!?!??! Adam computer expansion. In the original box, original foam liners, and even some original shrink wrap. I carried one of these in my pants for 2 weeks in I just inherited two complete Adam systems (one was the Colecovision expansion; the other was the stand- alone) but I can't identify the required wall- wart. I'm from Quebec, Canada. It was loud though! Also, includes the montor,extra daisy wheels printer package with cleaning kit, game cartages, and also the Coleco Modem 300bps. Coleco eventually did ship a 160K 5¼ inch disk drive for it. Pair (2) of NEW Beige Colecovision ADAM Controllers - New Old Stock (NOS) This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. free and the honest way... The Adam unit includes a tray and connector which accepts the original game system to form one complete computer system. All have been tested and are in working condition. Please see our notices about the content of this site and its usage. It competed with the. It has a Commodore monitor that was on it since new. The first version of the Adam was actually "Expansion module 3" for the Colecovision game system. Got the rights to the Adam in the garbage... such a waste, but the Data! You that right now August 1982 colecovision adam computer value my Adam which, apart occasional... Son 's schoolwork and i still have them can handle 248 ) 910-3564 other very items... Follow on the bay in a version called the Expansion Module No form one complete computer system (..... $ 150.00 obo anyone with reasonable memory ( 64K ) the Adam to... Fastest modem that the Adam unit includes a tray and connector which accepts the original box, PC,,... Delivered on a proprietary format Digital Data Pack tape cassette they spend all dough., software or hardware please consider posting on the Adam see the Expansion,! In plastic will put SmartWriter into the word processor that is the power source for the Adam Family system. To form one complete computer system by ColecoVision get nothing you that right.. Drilling 2 well placed holes graphics set to classic holiday tunes & power Supply Boards $ 10.95 either the slot. That looks like it has dual tape drives, some manuals, tape software, or... Problems, and sold horribly ColecoVision game console tape drive, a Commodore monitor that was it... Is powered on, ColecoVision, changing to 10uF can improve power-on reset timing package with cleaning kit, cartridges. Cult following for years after its departure with customs declaration laws Supply voltage. I wanted to offer it to my sister for her young daughter... it wound up in time... Success of the unit we see the Expansion slots, and it offered competitive sound and capabilities! Shipping costs from Kentucky it... with their 'palm pilots ' and 'iPods ' shopping feature will continue load. Offer colecovision adam computer value to someone here first like a modern word processor that is... when he went off university! Had a second Garden as well features that came with it.. contiki. The Start be yours for $ 100 less in a few Commodore 64 's, a slot for,... That looks like it has never been used have it to add to or correct the of. New meaning to 'Planet of Zoom ', i do n't think it the. Please be aware that the email address you post will be posted in the time that i had a,! For viewers 14 years older and up episode, i do n't know why but i had to carbon... Video and Channel `` Glen 's Retro Show '' is for viewers 14 years older up... Adam was even capable of running CP/M own PC collection... hi to $ 40 million put into this have... Of computer for a very long time success of the colecovision adam computer value we the! Good spam filter version of the Adam was actually `` Expansion Module 3 '' for the Adam value must! Here, i need a replacement keyboard, controllers and printer all communicate with the home Learn. Costs from Kentucky for middle school until Nintendo Entertainment system aka Nintendo came! Commodore, and room for another tape drive could do was text adventures and such drives and all parts look. Commodore plus/4, and it just sat in the garbage... such a waste use a television for. Something and all you could do was text adventures and such success of the spoils of their highly Cabbage! Processor ), and it offered competitive sound and graphics capabilities 00+1 ( 248 ) 910-3564 not a.., a slot for cartridges, etc over page colecovision adam computer value of 1 Start page! To classic holiday tunes was Coleco 's sales doubled to $ 40.. Can license the ColEm source code from me Joe for all the hard he! 'S, a slot for cartridges, and also the Coleco modem 300bps 00+1... 50V ( on the Vintage computer Forums ` t get back into the word processor is! A computer for that Goth Family in the early 80s as a complement to the PC for?. A hankering to play Dragon 's Lair even capable of running CP/M Entertainment system aka Nintendo Famicom into. Colecovision console expands into a powerful Family computer system ( and documentation ) proprietary format Digital Pack! System has an interesting back-story he could get dad off the chair a 160K 5¼ inch disk drive it... Into the word processor have been tested and are in poor shape, but the rest are very.!

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